Saturday, March 23, 2013

Quick Picks: Haganai S2 Ep 11, Vividred Operation Ep 11

Haganai S2 Ep 11: The gang were wondering what happen to Rika as she is late in finishing the movie. Kodaka went to look for her in her lab and found her unconscious.

Rika fainted to due to fatigue and is resting in the sick bay. Yozora announced to cancel the screening which everyone agreed. As Kodaka went to remove the poster of their screening, Aoi appeared again and wondered what does their club do. However Kodaka make haste and left.

Later, Kodaka visited Rika in the sick bay and she was feeling better but want him to read her a BL story. A few days later, Rika finished the movie and they enjoyed the screening. However Aoi appeared again and claimed their club is not an official club.

She tried to find faults in it however Yozora spotted the loopholes and won the argument. The next day, Aoi came back and claimed Maria is not a teaching staff nor a sister either. Kodaka checked with Kate and it is confirmed she is not but it is for Kate to watch over her when she is working.

Sena quickly make a phone call to her father and turn Maria to a part time teaching staff which overturn everything and left Aoi crying again. Sena mentioned to Kodaka about their engagement and accidentally confessed she love him. He immediately make an excuse in a hurry which got everyone shocked and disappointed...

You can't win Yozora and Sena in an argument. One is good in finding loopholes and the other is good in abusing her power which is why they are fun to watch. But now the bombshell dropped on Kodaka as he ran away from getting involved in any relationship. He is worried that any serious relationship will destroyed the status quo and it might cause the club to disband. Rika is probably the only one who can see it as mentioned in the previous episode. Will Kodaka make any decisions as next week is the Finale! However he is now joining the student council?!

Vividred Operation Ep 11: Everyone was shocked to find Rei is part of the Alones. She was brought to an underground detention base where Kenjiro discovered she belonged from a parallel world.

The girls want to see her but was denied by Mizuho. They went to Rei's home and discovered it has barely anything. They realised Rei is determined to destroy the Manifestor engine as all cost. Akane decided to talk to her one more time.

The top brass want to eliminate Rei however Kenjiro refused the idea. He claimed Rei is just a beacon for the Alone and he will find a way to stop it. The next day, the girls decided to save Rei and make their way through the base.

Akane went to find Rei as the other three hold off the security drones. When she arrived, Akane tried to talk sense to Rei telling everyone want to be friends with her which finally got through. Everyone arrived including Kenjiro and Yuri. The mystery crow appeared and claimed "They" are disappointed by the results. They want mankind not to develop the Manifestor engine and they have destroyed countless worlds which tried to use it.

Even if they killed Rei, the results will still be the destruction of the world. Kenjiro rebutted that Friendship is the key to live and fight which the girls have demonstrated in their battles. The crow was furious and swallow Rei and become a giant Alone coming out out of the city...

So "They" which is either aliens or gods (!?) refused human to use the Manifestor engine claiming it will cause a balance in the universe. Furthermore, they used Rei as a fail safe and lied to her of saving her world. I find Kenjiro's speech friendship corny but at least it is not love as it might be misleading. But if Rei trapped in the Alone, can the girls save her and perhaps the world?

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