Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Quick Picks: Love Live Ep 10, Senran Kagura Ep 10

Love Live Ep 10: It was getting unbearable to practice in the hot sun and Eri suggested to have a training camp. They asked Maki to lend them her villa which she reluctanly agreed.

Before they set off, Eri forbid everyone not to address Senpai for the junior students so as to reduce formality between the group. When they arrived at the villa, everyone ignored Umi's training program and have fun on the beach.

However Maki refused to join them which later Nozomi hinted her to be part of the group. After dinner and a bath, the girls were ready to sleep however Honoka couldn't sleep and started eating snacks and Nico's facial mask.

Umi is angry...Really ANGRY!!!

Everyone woke up except Umi when Nozomi threw a pillow at Nico and claimed it was Maki. It became a pillow fight until Umi was annoyed by everyone and took revenge at them.

Nozomi got the most mature sleeping gown...Yummy!

The next morning, Maki and Nozomi have a small talk and Maki decided to be more open with the others. Everyone joined in and enjoyed the morning sunrise...

A training camp episode with some funny moments and the focus is Maki who is being reserved and just want to get over the camp. However Nozomi spotted it and wanted her to be more open with everyone else since they are in a group. I think Maki is just shy and didn't know how to start off. Umi went "Sadako" was funny and everyone including Eri and Nozomi were freaked out by it. So what's next after the training camp? It seems the girls are doing a performance for the school in the rain?

Senran Kagura Ep 10: After Rin gave the location of Hebi Academy, Kiriya asked his students to reveal themselves. They want to go and save Hibari however Kiriya forbid them claiming it might start an all out war.

However Hanzo appeared and gave his approval for the girls to rescue Hibari and the scroll. Meanwhile, Rin was arrested by the Grandmaster for revealing their location to the enemy. Hibari overheard everything but keep mum about it.

Stop looking at my underwear, Granps!

Asuka and the others took off to Hebi Academy with Hanzo reminding Asuka about the words in her scroll. Daidouji revealed to Hanzo and Kiriya about the Hebi ninjas possessing a forbidden skill on them. Haruka brought Hibari around the Hebi Academy and observed the harsh training. She also showed Hibari their secret entrance and even bathed with the Hebi ninjas.

Later, Hibari overheard the Hebi ninjas being ordered by the Grandmaster to intercept the Hanzo ninjas and if they fail, the curse on them will be activated and they will die. Haruka caught hold of Hibari and threw her into a cell with Rin.

Asuka and the others tried to find the entrance and after battling several guards, Yagyu found the entrance through Hibari's scent. They rushed into the castle and discovered Yomi was waiting for them...

So it has began. A race to save Hibari and stop the Grandmaster's scheme of using the Super Ninja Arts scroll. Hibari also discovered the harsh training the Hebi ninjas have to endure and the friendship between Homura and company. But it is a harsh truth that all the Hebi ninjas have a death curse if they failed their mission. Now with the Hebi ninjas battling them in the next episode, can they save Hibari and maybe the Hebi ninjas from losing their lifes?

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