Sunday, January 20, 2013

Smile Precure Ep 47: Overcome the Despair!

The girls saw Candy becoming her new human form-Royal Candy. Royal Queen also appeared in front of them.

She introduced Candy as the new successor of Marchenland and give her the Miracle Jewel. Before her spirit left them, she told everyone to support Candy and to believe themselves. The Magic book appeared in front of them and the pages are blank.

Royal Queen told them the future is not yet written and it is up to them to continue the story. Candy tried to suppress Pierrot's spawns and it was going well until Pierrot appeared.

Pierrot created an army of Bad End spawns and the girls started battling them. They tried everything but the spawns keep coming on them. Soon they were overwhelmed and were losing. Cure Happy demanded to know what Pierrot really is.

Pierrot claimed he was created by negative human emotions and he is the embodiment of Despair. He then poured Bad End paint on the magic book which caused the girls to lose their will.

Candy used the Miracle Jewel to bring them back as the girls found themselves falling into the pool of despair. Suddenly they could hear Candy's voice and struggle to go back to the light.

Grab the Light and Henshin!!!






They finally make it and just in time before Pierrot tried to kill Candy. The girls has obtained their Ultra Form and Pop bring Candy to safety. The girls make quick work on the spawns and managed to take down Pierrot.

However Pierrot is still alive and he used all the Bad End energy to create a black hole to suck the Earth...

So Pierrot was created by Negative emotions and he just want to destroy everything in sight. Pretty typical for a final boss. If you don't know who did the voice of Pierrot, it is Tessho Genda (He is the voice for the Japanese G1 Transformers Optimus Prime/Convoy) I also agree with Kokoda Koji  that Pierrot's back story is bland and why he want to destroy Marchenland? Just hating everything that is good make him less of an interesting character but rather a textbook villain.

The battle was pretty good with the girls trying their best to defeat the spawns with combination attacks from Cure Sunny, March, Peace and Beauty. When they transformed to Ultra Form, I think everyone's first thought is Ultraman with those poses.

With one more episode to go, can the girls save the world so that Doki Doki Precure can take over their slot? Will Candy stop yelling like a baby? Will Akane meet Brian again? Can Yayoi get her manga publish? Can Nao form a football team with her siblings? Will Reika find the right path in life? Will Miyuki find the Happy Ending in her story? See you next week for the Finale!


  1. A black hole?
    We all know how this is gonna end.
    Also, nice review!

  2. did anyone else get the feeling that the episode was to short? man! the producers were so freaking fast making this episode like their lives were depending on it! let us hope that the last episode don't ended up in some cheesy and easy going ending plot because i'm a huge fan of the series and i hope that my favorite girls will give them a properly ending for them!until then! bye!