Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Quick Picks: Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman Ep 3, Senran Kagura Ep 3, Love Live Ep 3

Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman Ep 3: A thief, Ishikawa stole the Atlas map of Japan after setting a mansion ablaze. But he was murdered by Okuni who took the map for herself.

Roman and his friends received a letter to get back the map of Japan which they agreed to. After getting information about Ishikawa, Roman went to the Captial where he met Okuni which he was flustered at her. At the same time, Yasuhiro was ordered to assassinate a foreigner hiding at the Kurogane Fortress in the forest.

When Roman found out Ishikawa was murdered, the gang thought the trail went cold. But after Koharu's dog Sakura followed a trail, they discovered the map is being transported to the forest. Roman and the others arrived and tried to get back the map.

A Blond Catwoman?!
I have eyes on my back!
After getting the map and his armor ran out of energy, he was confronted by a Masked Okuni and got poisoned by her. However she refused to hit Koharu and flee away. The map was then given to the foreign leader and he even deflected Yasuhiro's round from the back.

Roman was saved by Hans and they retreated. The next day, Okuni have a smoke and claimed the country should burnt to the ground...

So in some way, Okuni is a traitor and a thief. She hand over the map of Japan to the foreign leader and this guy is good. He fired a round without turning around and deflect Yasuhiro's round. With the map of Japan, the foreign forces are planning for an invasion to take over the country.

Furthermore, Okuni is ruthless claiming the country is on a decline. However she is not bad as she hold back at Koharu who shield Roman. But wih such complications, it is no brainer that Roman will meet Okuni again and it won't be the last time we see the foreign leader...

Ikaruga black bra....yummy!

Senran Kagura Ep 3: Yomi trapped Asuka and Ikaruga in a barrier. Ikaruga challenged her however Yomi was too strong and she was defeated.

Yes, Ikaruga, harder!

Later Ikaruga asked to be punished as she make contacts with an outsider. Kiraya didn't want to but Hanzo insisted and he make Ikaruga gave him a body massage.

Short hair Ikaruga in Sailor uniform is hot!

Kiraya told Ikaruga that her older brother, Murasame went missing from home. She didn't say much and recall she is actually adopted to the family due to Murasame's incompetent as a ninja.

Yeah, rip her clothes off!

After a bath, She found Murasame searching her room and found her sword, Hien. He claimed the sword should belong to him and not an outsider. Ikaruga got the sword from him and pull a trap door on Murasame. He later was warned by Hanzo not to cause trouble and to return home to help the family business.

The next day, Ikaruga was very strict on everyone during training. Hanzo reminded her that the five of them are like family and should support one another. She later help Asuka in overcoming her fear of frogs which was successful.

Meanwhile, the Hebi Academy send two more ninjas to attack the Hanzo ninjas...

An episode focusing Ikaruga and she is the uptight and discplined leader. Her family background is complicated due to being adopted and not getting along with Murasame. But she prove to be a competent ninja and spare her brother's life. Asuka's fear of frogs is more of a mental block and thanks to her courage, she save the frog without fear and overcoming her phobia.

I know currently the girls are getting their ass kicked by the Hebi ninjas like Ikaruga's encounter with Yomi. But don't worry! If you play the game, the girls will become very strong once they master their ultimate skills and fight back...(Ikaruga giving a massage to Hanzo can make a man turn on by her expressions)

Love Live Ep 3: Honoka and the others trained everyday and she even thanked Maki for the song.

They are standing outside Gamers Store in Akihabra Street.

They started giving leaflets to promote their performance and tried to let Umi overcome her shyness. Finally Kotori finished their costumes which Umi dislike it due to the short skirt. But Honoka convinced her and they pray for a smooth performance at the temple.

The next day, the trio got ready and stand behind the curtains. They saw no one was in the audience stands and they were disappointed. Suddenly, Hanayo came to support them and they started performing.


Soon, Rin, Maki, Nozomi, Niko and even Eri came to listen to their performance. They clapped for them after they finished singing. Eri asked Honoka are they still insisting in becoming school idols. She replied she will keep on trying till the audience stands is full...

Their first performance was a success despite a handful of audiences. Even though it wasn't a full house, they managed to touch those who were there and it is no brainier that all these people will also join them to form their own idol group. So when will we see the rest of them getting into the gig? Next week, we follow Hanayo and Rin as they too want to get into the action. (Please let Eri, Maki and Niko join soon so that I can ooze on them...)

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