Sunday, January 6, 2013

Smile Precure Ep 45: Panic in the Sky!

Pierrot's egg has landed on Earth and is hovering above the city. The girls were looking at the Royal Clock when it activated by itself and turn Candy into a big jewel stone.

Meanwhile, the Bad End Trio begged Joker one more chance and he gave them the last black ball. He also warned them they will lose their life if they used the black ball.

Pop has also arrived and was shocked at the events. Suddenly the Bad End Trio and sucked the Bad End energy from the people in the city. The girls transformed too however the Bad End Trio used the black ball and become Hyper version of themselves.

Cure Happy battled Wolfrun, Cure Sunny and Peace battled Aka Oni and Cure March and Beauty take on Majorina. However the Bad End Generals were too strong and even using their special attacks was useless.

The girls used Princess Form to defeat them but the Bad End Trio combine their powers to create a dragon and it fired a Bad End Cannon which overwhelm the girls.

The girls wondered why they have become so strong and the Bad End Trio claimed they were the subjects of fear and pain. In their own worlds, nobody like them but Joker took them in and influenced them to take over the world with Pierrot.

The girls began to understand they are also victims and empathise them. However the Bad End Trio refused to believe and become a more twisted version of themselves. They tried to attack Cure Happy but somehow, the Ultra Decor appeared and a ray of light surrounded them.

Cure Happy has "Love" in her spirit abilites.

How Cute!!!

The Bad End Trio saw Cure Happy become a gentle giant and she took them in. She is willing to accept their weakness and pain and hope they could all become friends. The Bad End Trio accepted it, leaving the hatred away and they revert back to spirits.

Time's up!

Pop realised they are his friends from Marcheland who went missing years ago. The black ball turned into the last decor but Joker snatched it from them. He then announced that Pierrot will be revived soon and proceed to merge the hatred left by the Bad End Trio with the decor.

Meet your evil twins!

It transformed into five evil versions of the girls which Joker announced them as the Bad End Precures...

So the beginning of the end begins and it is a pretty intense episode. The focus is on the Bad End Trio and I feel sorry for them. Being the main antagonist of their own stories, they suffered countless abuse and pain just because they were labeled as villains. They too have emotions and also hope for  some love and kindness.

Cure Happy being one who is kind hearted and her love of fairy tales actually make her understand what the Bad End Trio has been going through. (Kinda of like Cure Blossom's kindness who accepted Dune in the final episode) Her love touched the trio and reverted them to spirits which I am kinda of surprise about it.

Enough of that as now the girls faced another major problem-Fighting their evil twins created by Joker. I am all right with evil twins but I felt their entrances now is a little bit rushed as we are three more episodes away to the finale! So will the girls able to defeat their twins and what is this!? The Queen has being revive too!? What will happen next? See you next week to find out!

P.S: I have watched the promo trailer of Doki Doki Precure and the New Stage 2 movie trailer and I am kinda on the bench about them. If you want me to talk about the promo, leave a note on the comments section.

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  1. please talk about the promo of doki doki precure and by the way here the full 30 minute trailer which show one of the villains if you sew only the short one