Monday, December 31, 2012

Quick Picks: Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de Ep 2

Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de Ep 2: Tejirof started training Gear and later he explained about them being labelled as "Killers" and the history of the Console Land.

Tejirof trained Opal to rely on her shooting abilities and Nel on her online skills. Finally the team was ready to rescue General Alex from the castle of Tatoland. As the main forces create a distraction, the four of them encountered a mortally wounded scout.

The scout want one of them to "absorb" him however Tejirof told him he is too weak to do anything and the scout passed on. Gear asked the reason of "absorb" which explained "Killers" have the abilities to absorb a person's powers before the person died.

However they were interrupted by Bays, one of the Killers of Tatoland. Tejirof managed to trap him in a light wall and they quickly arrived at the dungeon. But another Killer, D. Fisher blocked their path.

Opal hold him off and Gear found Alex's cell. He was shocked to discover that Alex is his long lost father...

I was really fascinated by the history of the Console Land. Tejirof explained that the land was once ruled by the Atarika Empire which is a pun word for Atari Gaming and their empire fell after it became corrupted and the Ninteldo Empire took over them. Each of the Ninteldo general is a Killer however there are other opposing lands that is against Ninteldo.

One of them happened to be Myumoto from the Elil Republic which is actually Yuusha from Enix's Dragon Quest Series who is on par with King Marcus of Ninteldo. Opal's shooting is believed to be created by the legendary killer-I.Vazer which is Space Invaders and it is the first shooter game of it's kind.

Ever Nel's abilities-Online is actually related to Phantasy Star Online and Tejirof even commented she will be a late bloomer and her powers won't reach full potential now. Bays and D.Fisher are probably Bubble Bobbles and Darius which are from Taito which I could see the similarities. Bays blow a bubble pipe while D.Fisher looked like the first boss in the Darius Shooting Game.

Gear's father is Alex which is a reference to Alex Kidd-the first action character from Sega. Once Sonic the Hedgehog came to the scene, Alex Kidd step down which I am sure Gear will absorb Alex's power since he is already weakened.

Anyway, the next episode won't be out soon. But I can't wait see more of these characters in action. Until, Happy New Year and may your wishes come true in 2013!

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