Sunday, December 2, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 41: Yayoi's Hero

Yayoi loved to draw since young but she was shy in letting others seeing her works. Today she is doing a sketch in class and the other girls were impressed by her sketch.

One of the classmates suggested to Yayoi to join the Manga newcomer contest and she agreed to join after encouragement from Miyuki and the others.

Prototype for Future Precure Series?

Yayoi started drawing and decided to do a hero Manga she created years ago-Miracle Peace. She only did the front cover and later the rest of the story.

However she isn't making any progress and lacked concentration in her studies. Miyuki and the others offered to help her however she declined and continued to do it alone.

Joker gave Aka Oni one last chance to defeat Cure Peace and he went to the human world.

Yayoi had a nightmare of her creations mocking her for being useless and when she wake up, her manuscript was ruined by accident. She ran out of her house and met with the others however she was too upset and ran further into the park.

Four More Turns!

Aka Oni spotted her and suck the Bad End Energy from the people nearby. He snatched her manuscript and turned it into a Hyper Akanbe. Yayoi transformed to Cure Peace and battle him.

But the Akanbe was too strong and even Aka Oni mocked at her creations. Cure Peace argued back that she believe in Miracle Peace since young and she is not giving it up.

Cure Peace looked like Super Saiyan Jin 2..


Four more left!

Suddenly she felt a surge of power and was able to defeat the Akanbe with her new attack-Precure Peace Thunder Hurricane! But Aka Oni is not giving up yet when the rest of the Cures arrived. They transformed to Princess Form to defeat him and also got a new decor.

Yayoi thanks the other and got a new sense of confidence. A few days later, the manuscript was completed and the girls congratulate her. Even some of their classmates like her Manga and she thanked her hero-Miracle Peace...

Similar to the Akane episode, Yayoi suffered from a lack of self confidence which got her into this mess. However she believe in her hero-Miracle Peace and managed to overcome it and got a new attack in the process.

Although I got to say that Miracle Peace look like a prototype of the upcoming Doki Doki Precure. Maybe Toei should consider her as an additional character? Although Yayoi has to overcome her self esteem to get her new power, I find Akane's story more emotional than her.

Cure Peace's New Form

Next episode, Nao's mother is having a new baby and went to the hospital, leaving Nao taking charge of her siblings. But Majorina attacked her siblings. Can Nao protect her family? See you next week to find out!


  1. Cure Peace looked like a Super Sayajin haha That's true. I liked her story more than Akane's story. But I have a feeling that Nao will be much better xD Joker will fight Beauty after, and Pierrot will fight Happy? o.O Well... Your review is awesome xD
    Precure Peace Thunder Hurricane is nothing compared to Precure Happiness Hurricane xD

  2. aww when Akaoni cried, I felt sad.