Thursday, November 29, 2012

Quick Picks: Busou Shinki Ep 8, Girls und Panzer Ep 7, Chuni Byo Ep 9

Busou Shinki Ep 8: The Shinki were playing around in the house when Ines was carrying a strange bottle suspiciously. Nene caught her and the contents of the bottle fell on Ann and she blacked out.

Ann woke up and realise she has become a real human. However nobody recognize her and she took shelter during a rainfall. Rihito saw her and he offered her some cover in his umbrella. However Ann did not tell him she is his Shinki.

Ann lied to him claiming to have lost her way and they ended up in the shopping district, enjoying themselves. Meanwhile the rest of the Shinki discovered Ann is in a deep sleep and later realised she is infected with a virus that is shutting down her system.

They called Rihito and he quickly ran back home. Ann was content that she get to spend a day with Rihito while Rihito tried to save her.

The next morning, Ann recovered and wondered if everything before was just a dream or it was real...

Another Mid Summer Mystery episode and this is more bizarre than the previous episode. So how did Ann was able to become a human and interact around? Was the virus spread due to the strange content that Ines was carrying around? She claimed the content was able to make a Shinki turn into a life size Shinki (She tried to use it again at the end of the episode which freaked out everyone) So many loopholes yet so little time.

Next episode, Nene fell into a hole and met up an underground city with Shinki populating it. See you then!

Hana look very nice in Casual wear!

Girls und Panzer Ep 7: Miho and the others went to visit Mako's grandmother in the hospital. Her grandmother was very stubborn which got Mako in a tight corner. However she want Miho to take care of Mako since she is always alone.

The girls also learned that Mako is an orphan and her grandmother is her only kin. Miho recall her own mother's strict teaching claiming winning is everything in Senshado. The girls later had recess together and Miho told them her reason of quitting Senshado in the first place.

Miho's teammates fell off a cliff and into a river. She risked her life to save them but cost them the match due to her flag tank. She realised now that winning isn't everything in Senshado and there are other ways to enjoy the sport.

As the girls prepare for the next match, the other team members seek Miho for advice and Saori and the rest help her out. They also discovered that there are several more tanks still scattered around the town which could aid them.

Mako's expression is priceless!


They found two more tanks and a third one after searching Saori and her group in a dark corner of the carrier ship. Although the new tanks won't be ready but they managed to defeat their opponents in the match and advance to the next round...

So Miho's family took Senshado too seriously with the "Winning is everything" attitude which disgusted her. Her actions isn't wrong as she saved her teammates from drowning and that is good sportsmanship in my book. If Miho didn't care of saving her teammates, she might have be cold hearted like her elder sister but then we won't have this show either.

I was expecting to see another match with their opponents, Anzio High as their captain is a twin tailed girl! But no, we just got the end result as Miho and company advance to the next round. So with three new tanks in their disposal, can the girls able to take on Mako and her Black Peak Tanks in the final?

Chuni Byo Ep 9: Shinka suggested to have some performance for the upcoming school festival and during the discussion, Rikka felt awkward looking at Yuuta and everyone was suspicious about the two of them.

That night, Toka drop by Yuuta's room and was worried of Rikka's recent behaviour. She pushed the butt to Yuuta, hoping he can solve the problem. Rikka tried to meet Yuuta the next night however Sanae and her went overboard and it make matters worse.

Notice the butterflies at the background...

Shinka heard about Rikka's problem from Kumin and deduced she is in love with Yuuta. She gave love advices for her to woo Yuuta but it backfired.

Listening to Shinka's advices, Rikka and Yuuta went on top of the school roof and admired the sunset. Suddenly Rikka slip and was hanging onto the ledge. Yuuta quickly ran to the floor below and caught her.

Rikka cried in his arms and they hugged each other in the sunset...

What a sweet episode despite some comic relief and close shaves at the end! But it is confirmed Rikka is in love with Yuuta and what will happened now? Will she lure Yuuta back to being a Chuni Byo person like her or he will open her heart for the better?

The scene with Yuuta and Toka also show Toka not being a good sister. She could get involved with Rikka but push the burden to Yuuta. But I can't blame her. Both of them are very stubborn and their relationship got stranded as a result.

With the gang performing a sketch during the school festival and with Rikka and Yuuta as the lead, I can't wait to see what crazy antics the gang get into in the next episode!

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