Friday, December 14, 2012

DIGI NEWS: Super Robots Wars UX, Macross 30 and Project Versus J

We have three big new titles for the first half of 2013! First Super Robots Wars UX will be in Nintendo 3DS and the line up is probably the most strangest line up this time around. We have DemonBane, Wing of Rean, Mazinkaiser SKL, Gundam 00 the movie, Heroman, SD Gundam Brave Battlers Warriors, Linebarrels of Iron and Hatsune Miku in a Virtual-ON Fei Yen?

So the big three characters-Nu Gundam, Mazinger and Getta are taking a back seat which is not a bad thing but seriously who want to see Gundam Seed Destiny and Dancougar Nova again? Anyway the graphics look similar to the Nintendo DS counterpart although there will be voices and animation cut-in scenes which is a good thing. It will be out March 14 2013 on Nintendo 3DS.

Next year is Macross 30th anniversary and to celebrate the occasion, a new PS3 game titled Macross 30 will united all the characters from every series in a dream battle on a strange alien world (Think Another Century Episode R but with only the Macross series)

Not just that, there will be new Valkyies jets to pilot on and an original story which will explain why the characters are brought here. I am surprised that Mari Iijima who did Lynn Mynmei returned to join the cast although I don't see Roy Fooker's seiyuu-The Great Kamiya Akira reprising his role.

The game will be out Feburary 28 2013 on PS3.

Also celebrating will be Shouen Jump Magzine which turns 45 year old next year! They also will be doing a special crossover fighting game titled Project Versus J. The screenshots show Goku, Luffy and Toriko battling it out.

Shouen Jump has already started a polling contest for fans as they want to know who they want to be in this game. It doesn't matter if the character is a male or female or is not a fighter type. For me, I want Gintoki, Sabea Ryo, Kenshiro, Seiya and the entire female cast of To Love Ru! If they bring back Ayukawa Madoka from Orange Road, my life is complete! (Yeah, I am a old school lover!)

No date has been announced but it will be out on the PS3 and PS Vita! So Western fans who couldn't play Jump Super Stars or Ultimate Stars will be rejoin for this new game!

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