Sunday, November 25, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 40: Akane's Beloved Treasure (Countdown to Final Arc Begin!)

Akane was practicing for her upcoming volleyball match when she saw Miyuki and the others cheering for her.

The next day, she spotted them having some discussions but they refused to tell her anything. However she saw Miyuki's hands is covered with bandages which she claimed it was from cooking.

Pick a card, any card...

The class were having a discussion of what is their beloved treasure however Akane does not know what is her beloved treasure. Meanwhile, Joker warned Wolfrun that this is his last chance to defeat the Precures and asked him to choose which Precure to battle. Wolfrun choose Cure Sunny and went to the human world.

During Recess, the girls were having the same discussion and Akane decided to find out what is her beloved treasure after everyone told her their own treasure.

To be honest, the letter is full of grammer mistakes..

Later, Miyuki and the others visited Akane at her Okonomayki store and her mother told her she have a letter from England. They realised it was from Brian and even make wild guesses that he confessed his love for her. (Reika clear the mis-interpretation from the letter)

Before they left, Miyuki presented Akane a hand make doll for her upcoming match which she realised they have keeping it a secret for a while and Miyuki was the one who make the doll. Akane thanked them and announced that the doll is her beloved treasure.

Five more Turns!

The next day, Wolfrun appeared and challenged Akane. He sucked the Bad End energy from everyone in the court and transformed a Volleyball into a Hyper Akanbe with Wolfrun in it. Akane transformed and they began battling it out.

The Akanbe was too strong and Wolfrun caught hold of the doll. He crushed the doll which shocked Cure Sunny. He then knocked her to the ground and immobilised her. Cure Sunny overheard him that he is going to attack her friends next and barely could stand up.

A new Decor?!

Cure Sunny began to fight harder and in the midst, her power increased tenfold and a new special attack-Sunny Fire Burning knocked the Akanbe down. It tried to cheap shot Cure Sunny however the others arrived to aid her.

Five more left!

They quickly used Princess Form to defeat the Akanbe and Wolfrun retreated. Akane apologize that the doll was ruined but the others didn't mind. Miyuki want to make a new one for her however Akane insisted she will keep the ruined doll instead.

She even claimed she know what is her beloved treasure but keep it a secret from the others. (Her beloved Treasure is her friends)

So the countdown begin for the Final Arc. I thought this episode will be a filler episode since we had an Akane episode not long ago. But instead, Joker gave the Bad End Generals one last chance to defeat the Precures which is the focus of this episode.

During the battle, Cure Sunny have a huge surge of power and a new decor appeared on her Pact. Furthermore, the end card of this episode show a sneak look at Cure Sunny in her new form. Next week, we are getting a Yayoi episode next week which I am guessing she will get a new attack and her final confrontation with Aka Oni. The other three girls will each get an episode also.

I am guessing this is how it is going to be like for the next few episodes- Five more turns of Bad End Energy before Pierrot is revived. There are Five more decors to be found. Four more turns before the Royal Clock reaching Twelve. It could mean either the Precures are only able to use Royal Rainbow Burst four more times and then an episode or two in which they will get their new form and then the final battle with Pierrot.

Cure Peace is getting serious!

Look at Cure Sunny's new form on the right...

So that is my prediction for the Season Finale. Yes, I am aware that the earliest we will be getting Preview shots of Doki Doki Precure on January and if you want me to do another season of Precure, I am willing to hear from all of you before I decide. Until then, See you in the next episode!


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  2. I don't want Aka Oni and Wolfrun to die. There my favorite characters. :-(

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