Thursday, November 22, 2012

Quick Picks: Busou Shinki Ep 7, Girls und Panzer Ep 6, Chuni Byo Ep 8

Busou Shinki Ep 7: The Shinki started telling ghost stories when they were visited by a Fubuki Shinki named Fuki. She claimed to belong to their neighbour next door and the Shinki welcome her.

It started to rain and Ann, Hina and Lene went to pass an umbrella to Rihito, leaving Ines with Fuki. She started behaving strangely however Ines didn't mind and even offered her any assistance she need. Ann and the others met Rihito and he explained that there is no one staying next door and The former owner lost Fuki years ago in a forest and shouldn't be running on power anymore.

They quickly rushed back after hearing Ines's scream on the phone and when they arrived, Fuki was just making a hairpin for her master. They then went next door with her and Fuki's master welcome her back.

Who you gonna call?

The next day later, Fuki came by to visit them. Rihito told the Shinki that no one is supposedly staying with Fuki. She explained that her master is "clinging" to the room and whenever new tenants come in, they ran away after seeing her master. Everyone then realised Fuki's master is a....

If your guess is as good as mine, Fuki's master is actually something Supernatural. Although I find that the Shinki are able to detect paranormal activities when they saw Fuki's master. (A new way of searching the unknown?) Strangely, Fuki doesn't feel a thing when the Shinki know what really happen to Fuki's master. What do you expect? It is a Mid Summer's Mystery!

Girls und Panzer Ep 6: After destroying one Saunder tank, Miho and Company tricked the Saunders into a deserted area. They managed to spot Arisa of the Saunder (who is the Flag tank) and began to chase her.

Kay ordered to attack Oorai from the rear and took down two of their tanks. Everyone was about to give up until Miho came up with an idea. She quickly drove up the hill and fired Arisa's tank just in time before they got shot down.

Ooari's Girls won the match and even Kay showed good sportsmanship to Miho. She then proceed to reprimand Arisa for her actions.

Later, Mako received a call that her grandmother is in hospital. Maho offered her a ride from their school helicopter and together with Saori, went to the hospital. The rest of the matches continued with Maho crashed her opponents merciless and Ooari Girls' next match is with Viking Marine High...

I find the commander of the different school are quite honorable like St Gloria's Darjin, Saunder's Kay and Black Forest Peak's Maho who despite having a cold expression do show concern. She offered Mako a lift despite Erica's protest. It is mostly the second in command or subordinates who do all the dirty works and cheating.

Kay even claimed she want to fight Miho with the same number of tanks and furthermore, it is just a game and not a real war. (Unless this is a real war situation, numbers and spying played an important role)

So Mako and Saori went to the mainland to visit her grandmother in the hospital. Can they make back in time and how will Ooari Girls fare against Viking Marine High?

Chuni Byo Ep 8: Rikka and Toka started to fight each other (In Rikka's delusion state) Toka tried to reason with her that accepting their father's death and they can never go back to being a normal family.

The dog is totally in on Shinka

It's Payback Time!

Rikka refused to accept it which angered Toka more. Yuuta step in and reason with Toka that he understand what Rikka is going through. She ran away from Yuuta and he went after her. After finding out she took the last train back to the city, he tag along and they then stay together in his house.


Rikka was amazed by Yuuta's stuff and they went to the convenience store to get dinner. Later, she wore Yuuta's shirt and even took a sniff on his shift claiming to have his scent.

Yuuta wondered if she was infatuated with him. Rikka surprised him by drawing a magic seal on his hand claiming their bond is stronger now. The next morning, Rikka sat next to his bed, admiring him sleeping...

Yuuta is really Rikka's reasoning. He know what is like to be alone and not mixing with others. Furthermore, it broke Toka's heart that Rikka refused to accept the truth which is why he step in. Toka is like the struggling sister who need to take care of her mentally unstable sibling alone with no parents to help out. But seriously, Rikka need to get over it somehow... 

I was worried that this episode will be dramatic but they did include some funny moments like Shika and Sanae's pranks, Isshiki's constant calling on Yuuta for advices in winning Kumin's heart.

Although both Rikka and Yuuta are wondering all these time together, does it count as being infatuated with each other? I think Rikka is less than honest of her feelings and it was nice to see her looking at Yuuta sleeping with a gentle smile.

So where do their relationship go from now on? See you next week to find out more!

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