Monday, October 29, 2012

DIGI NEWS: Super Robots Wars OG2 4th Promo Video

It has been a while since we have DIGI news and we got a new Promo video for the upcoming Super Robots Wars OG2 for the Playstation 3! Based on the promo, our heroes will be sucked into the Lord of Elemental World where Masaki and company were originally from. Even though we had the Lord of Elemental on PSP a few months back but now in Full HD animation and voice overs, you can enjoy the entire story.

But that's not all! While our heroes are trapped in another dimension, there is trouble brewing on Earth and look like the story will focus on the Choujin Machines and many original characters from the previous mainstream series will make appearances like Hugo, Touma and Fighter Roar!

The game will be out on 29/11/12 and the Super DX Edition will include the complete TV series of the Inspector Saga in Blu-Ray, an Illustration Book and Clean File which come to a whopping 41900 yen! I can't wait for the game although getting the Super DX Edition is kinda of a overkill unless you are a Hardcore SRW fan! Until then, See you in the next DIGI NEWS!

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