Sunday, September 23, 2012

Dog Days S2 Ep 12: A Final Stage isn't a Final Episode!

Shinku, Nanami and Becky trade places with each other and become the three kingdom's hero for a day.

The girls were thinking if Shinku were to wear a skirt...

Disappointment for the girls...

Becky was escorted by Leon and Gaul. Millhiore introduced Nanami to everyone and Shinku stayed with Couver.


Rico and Noir escorted Couver to her castle's secret library. Couver wanted to give a memento to Becky however it trigger a trap door and they fell further down. They managed to land safely but they keep setting off traps and nearly lose their lives.

Becky was worried about Couver and asked Shinku to help find her. Couver and the others took a breather and she asked Rico if she was upset when Shinku returned back to his own world. She replied she was initially upset however she was happy that Shinku was able to return back.

Couver hope it won't be a sad farewell when Becky returned too. Suddenly the celling started to come down on them but Shinku and Becky arrived in time. Becky used the Devil King Jewel given by Valeria earlier and she transformed to an adult like Shinku.

Becky's eyes are sparkling!

She fired a shot to the celling and it was fired out to the sky. Couver was touched to tears to see Becky and they quickly rushed to see Millhiroe's concert to conclude the Union Festival...

I overlooked at this week's episode and realised this isn't the last episode but rather next week is the finale. (My fault!) Like how Millhiore's feelings when Shinku returned back in the first season, Couver was worried she might emotional and unable to send Becky off.

Becky using the Devil King Jewel was quite cool and she was sweet looking as an adult. Other than the near death experience our three girls got into, this episode was rather 'normal' for me. Next week, Shinku and company share the last two days before returning home. Will it be a normal send-off or something big will happen before they return? See you next week for the Finale!

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