Sunday, September 16, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 31: The Secret of the Royal Clock Part 1

Candy was shocked after seeing the Precures defeated. About 30 minutes ago, (In Anime time) the girls were wondering what does the Royal Clock does however Candy has no idea what it does.

Why do I always get hit by the book?

Candy was hungry and Miyuki had a cookie in her hand. She suggested to share with everyone which it will taste better if they shared the cookie. Pop also arrived claiming he know what the clock does. Meanwhile Joker show the three generals a new black ball which will create Hyper Akanbe to defeat the Precures. He ordered Wolfrun to use the black ball to battle them.

Pop explained the Royal Clock is linked to the Royale Queen's revival. The Royal Clock activated by itself and they saw an image of the Royale Queen. She told the girls in order to use Royal Clock, it will require the Precures and Candy's strength to use their new power.

11 more turns!

Wolfrun sucked Bad End Energy from people in the park which the girls rushed to confront him. He used the new black ball on a bulldozer and become Hyper Akanbe. Wolfrun merged with the Akanbe and is able to control the Akanbe.

Now the Eyecatch show the Royal Clock

The girls transformed to battle but the Hyper Akanbe is too strong for them. Candy and Pop were hiding however Joker found them and trapped Candy in a crystal ball. Joker told the girls that Candy is trapped in a place where everything is a paradise. However the girls believed Candy will overcome the illusion.


The girls tried to their best to defeat Hyper Akanbe and even used Pegasus Form but it was useless against the Hyper Akanbe. Candy ate a large cookie and remember earlier with the girls sharing the small cookie. She realised everything is an illusion and broke free.

Candy is packing! Burning Phoenix Cosmos!

She saw the girls laying on the ground, defeated. Cure Happy was glad Candy was all right which angered Candy. It triggered a new decor that activate the Royal Clock. The clock was able to turn the Hyper Akanbe's black nose into a red nose.

Morale Charge+300!!!!

Cure Happy stood up and fired a Happy Shower at the Hyper Akanbe. It was defeated and a new decor was recovered. Wolfrun retreated and Candy had a vision of Royale Queen telling her to support the Precures in the future.

Everyone was glad Candy was okay suddenly Joker reappeared and trapped Akane, Yayoi, Nao and Reika in a crystal ball, tauting Miyuki and Candy...

Finally some real plot! With the appearance of the Royal Clock and the Hyper Akanbe, the stakes is higher than before. I know that the Pegasus Form will not be the winning flag but what is the Royal Clock's true power? I know it can turn a black ball into a red ball and it weaken the Akanbe. However I believe there is more to it.

The scene about the cookie in the beginning, I thought it was pointless but it became important when Candy remember the food taste better if they share it and she was able to break out of the illusion.

Oh no, they are mindless zombies!

Finally the end was a shock and it is similar to the Yes Precure Five episode when Nozomi has to rescue the others who are brainwashed and now Miyuki is facing the same thing which is not a bad plot. As the next episode titled: "Hearts as One! Precures' new power!" You will know something awesome is going to happen once they found out the Royal Clock's secret. See you next week!

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