Monday, September 17, 2012

Quick Picks: Hyouka Ep 22 FINAL, Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 11

Hyouka Ep 22 FINAL: Eru called Houtarou to help her a shrine festival which he arrived later. After hearing the workers that the bridge that they suppose to walk through the festival is under construction, Houtarou relay a message from Eru that she will settle the problem with a phone call.

The festival begin and Houtarou saw Irisu participating the festival and Eru all dressed up. He was enchanted by her beauty and was speechless. Satoshi and Mayaka distracted him and they met together after the festival.

Mayaka secretly thanks Houtarou for the Valentine chocolate incident. Houtarou met Eru later and she had an idea of why the construction happened at the bridge. Both of them suspected that one of the staff's son (the guy who help Houtarou in the get-up) was responsible for it.

Eru escorted Houtarou home and she explained the bridge connecting her village and a rival village and it is unwise to do a performance without permission from the opposite shrine which is why Eru make the phone call to them.

It's the beginning of a new tomorrow!

She know that she will inherit her family's business and was worried about managing it. Houtarou mumbled he is willing to help her but Eru was distracted by the sakura blowing them...

So Houtarou really do care for Eru and that last scene prove it all. Although it was just a moment, I hope they can develop their relationship in the future. This last episode might not have the puzzling mysteries in previous episodes but a little incident involving a bridge had Houtarou and Eru in 'Detective Mode' for our final episode.

Final Thoughts: When I first heard about this show, I thought it will be a slice-of-life show since it was done by the people who did K-ON. But after hearing reviews that it is a good show after four episodes, I tell myself why not give it a watch? Like how I was hooked by the BBC Sherlock, this show got me pumped out and I was enjoying a mystery story just after four episodes.

Houtarou is the reluctant hero who has a keen sense of deduction. He might stumble in the beginning but like all great detectives, it is the supporting cast (Eru, Satoshi and Mayaka) who hinted him and solve the puzzles. Eru is the curious female lead who is sweet and naive and this is the same seiyuu who voiced Ritsu of K-ON and it showed Sato Satomi's abilities to take on a different kind of role and it worked well. Satoshi and Mayaka as the supporting cast has great chemistry among the two main leads. Surprisingly enough, this show also boosted quite an all star supporting cast of seiyuus like Yukana, Fukuyama Jun, Aoi Yuuki and so on.

It might be the end for the TV series however the story continue in an upcoming OVA and hopefully we can see the Classics Club again in a new season. So long as there is mysteries to solve, you can be sure Houtarou and his friends will be there!

Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 11: Sagara and the 500 troops hold the line and retreated further to the south. However the masked man (Yoshitatsu) killed several of Goemon's men which Sagara questioned is it worth it. Hanzo and Zenki also asked him the same question which he wondered if sacrificing himself is the solution.

Meanwhile, Nobuna's forces arrived back at Kyo however she is in a coma. Yoshitatsu cornered Sagara on a cliff however Hanzo threw a bomb and killed Sagara instead.

The bullet probably is a ball bearing and the Iphone's casting was tough to take a hit...

Mitsuhide witnessed everything and tried to take down Yoshitatsu but was blown away and presumed dead. After knowing Sagara and Mitsuhide are dead, Matsunaga suggested giving Nobuna a potion that will make her overcome Sagara's death.

Nobuna had a dream of her marrying Sagara and his funeral. She woke up and swore to take revenge against everyone. She declared war and started fighting back and even burning down Tennoji Temple as an act of vengence.

The Miyoshi Three send Tsunada Konoe as a messager and send a gift. The gift was a head of monkey statue and it filled Nobuna with rage. She sortie her troops to attack...

Sagara and Mitsuhide dead?! Hanzo is responsible for their death?! Nobuna is filled with hatred which she will become the Devil King that everyone know?! Is it all coming true?!

If you are Sagara and you know that death is inevitable, what will you do? Cheat Death! As the saying goes-In order to fool your enemies, you must first fool your allies. I believe Sagara pulled off that stunt with Hanzo in order to stop the attack. But will it be enough since Nobuna is obsessed of killing everyone. May I wonder why the Miyoshi Three seems to be calm about it? Perhaps it has got to something to do with Matsunaga's potion on Nobuna?

Next week, will Nobuna rise to victory or fall to become the Devil King? See you for the grand finale then!

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