Sunday, September 16, 2012

Dog Days S2 Ep 11: He is a Woman!?

The first day of the Union Festival ended with Couver's kingdom declared as the winner due to Adele's appearance.

Leon in a Sexy One Piece!

Look at where Nanami's hand is...

The next day, the battle is shifted to the beach as everyone entered in the water sports and live perfomances.

That night, everyone were celebrating in the banquet hall. Becky and Couver reminded Millhiore that she has a perfomance at their country and they were to escort her the next day. Millhiore told them she will go with them after going for a walk with Shinku.

You mean, Rico look just the same as she was a child?

The next morning, Shinku and Millhiroe were enjoying themselves when they met Yukikaze. She invited them to their house and had breakfast at the same time. Millhiore saw a small crystal on the floor and they were curious what it was.



Cute Creature=Millhiore

The crystal cracked and an explosion surrounded them. Shinku walked out of the house which leave Yukikaze puzzled. They found a strange looking creature and caught hold of it. However the truth is revealed-everyone switched bodies with each other. Now Shinku is in Yukikaze's body, Millhiore is in the creature's body, Yukikaze is in Millhiore's body and the creature is in Shiku's body (Damn, it is confusing enough!)

Shinku tried to go after his own body but has to get used in Yukikaze's body. After some adjustments, he moved out togther with Yukikaze's Search dogs. They found the creature and tried to take him down.

After some teamwork, the creature was knocked out and it started glowing again. Millhiore quickly rushed towards it and an another explosion occured. This time, Millhiore has swapped back with the creature but Shinku and Yukikaze swapped bodies now.

Shinku contacted Adele and she apologize that the creature is a spirt that she want to send it away from civilization but forgotten about it. She also told them the swapping is tempoary and they will be back to normal soon.

Yuusha Yukikaze!

Becky and Couver arrived and was briefed of what happened. They escorted Millhiore to her performance as Shinku and Yukikaze waited for the spell to be broken. After a while, they returned back to normal and Yukikaze teased him that she will learn a new body swapping spell and tried to be Shinku for a day.

Meanwhile, Leon and Nanami were returning back to their kingdom and Leon reminded her the days of them returning to their world is drawing near. Nanami promised they will make their time here a memorable summer...

I was expecting some kind of plot for this episode but it seems we are not going anywhere other then everyone is having a good time. I think this Season shouldn't be called Season two but rather called Extra Season. It felt like an extra disc after you have completed a game and all it provided is full of mini games which I think this whole season is. One big pack of mini games!

Next week is the final episode and how this show is going to end? I don't know but hopefully there is some closure for Shinku's choice of who he truly care for or they could push it to next year for a new season (?)

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