Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quick Picks: Hyouka Ep 21, Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 10

Hyouka Ep 21: A year ago, Mayaka make Satoshi promise that he will eat her chocolates for Valentine's Day. Now she told Eru about it and they decided to make it together.

The next day, Mayaka placed the chocolate in their club room and went for her club activities. Eru came by but step out for a moment. When she came back, the chocolate was missing and rushed to tell Houtarou.

Houtarou, Eru and now Satoshi searched everywhere and interviewed the Astronomy club however to no avail. Eru blamed herself but Houtarou promised her he will find it and told her to go home first.

He confronted Satoshi who was the one broke the chocolate into his pouch. Satoshi claimed he is worried he might become obsessed with Mayaka if he truly accept her love. Houtarou was angry with him and want him to apologise to Mayaka.

Later, Satoshi had a talk with her and Houtarou told Eru that the matter has been resolved. He ate the chocolate given by his elder sister and found it to be bitter...

Satoshi is over caution that he caused Mayaka and Eru to got worried. Furthermore, Houtarou also noted he has changed after coming to High School. But in his heart, he knew that Satoshi really care for Mayaka and that mattered the most. Eru was going all crazy just to find the chocolate which show her pride that Houtarou mentioned before to be head strong. Thank god, he stop her in time or else Eru might tear the school apart just to find the chocolate.

What will be the final puzzle for Houtarou as next week is the finale! See you next week!

Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 10: Everyone want to arrest the Miyoshi Three but there was no proof to link them to the conspiracy. Nobuna announced to conquer Wakana and Sagara is to stay behind to protect the Capital.

Nobusumi and Nagamasa found out each other's true gender however they accepted each other. Sagara found out from Hanbei that Nobuna's true motive is to conquer Echizen which is a trap for Nobuna.

Nobusumi gave a tied pouch bag to Sagara. He also informed Nagamasa's father has seized control and is planning to betray Nobuna. Sagara rushed to inform Nobuna what happened but now enemy forces are advancing them from behind.

Sagara volunteered to stay behind which Nobuna strongly objected. He gave his cell phone to Nobuna and promise he will returned. As Sagara and his men hold the lines, Nobuna retreat to the south but got shot...

If you watch last week episode of Hyouka, Houtarou and Satoshi watched a Sengoku drama which is making references to this week's Nobuna. In history, Oichi used a tied bag and warn her brother of the danger. Unfortunately now, the trap has been sprung and Nobuna got shot! What about Sagara? He is on a suicide mission to hold the lines with only 500 men. It will take a miracle to get out of this!

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