Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dog Days S2 Ep 10: The Heat is On!

The battle continue with Millhiore and Rico take off to the skies to battle Becky and Couver. Nanami challenged Brioche to a duel which she accepted it.

Adele, Valeria and Ikusa were also watching the battles live and Adele has an urge to go into battle too. While Millhiore and Rico were battling Becky and Couver, Nanami was trying to take down Brioche.

Brioche...take off that Bra!!!

However Brioche was too skilled and Nanami tried to freeze the ground to immobilise her. But that got Brioche to use her real skill (Which is a gigantic sword!) and went down on Nanami. Nanami's armor was broken but her boomerang hit Brioche and it cause her armor to broke too.

Shinku and Gaul were dueling too and they transformed to adult form to battle further. Becky and Millhiore recalled the night before as Becky was worried Shinku will push her aside after meeting everyone. However she was glad she came and was able to make friends with Millhiore.

Little naked girls..not interested...

The two girls clashed hard however the explosion overwhelmed them and they lost all their energy. They were falling to the ground but Shinku rushed to catch them. They thank him and their armor broke and it cause a big embarrassment to the trio.

You know, putting a visor and a scarf is not really count as a disguise...

Valeria suggested to Adele to wear a disguise to join the battle and she entered the battle to support Couver. Shinku, Eclair and Yukikaze accepted her challenge and the first day of the battle ended with Biscotti leading...

I wonder if this whole season is all about having a festival and beating the crap out of each other like a video game? Firstly, there is not much of a plot other than Becky having boyfriend problems with Shinku and he is completely dense about the girls. Adele and Valeria aren't doing much about developing the plot. I mean, one is the legendary hero while the other is the big, bad demon king. But their roles is reduced to support roles and it is pretty lame.

I want to be a hot lady when I grow up!

Other than seeing Brioche wearing only a bra (which I am not complaining), the rest of the episode is subtle and do they have to make us watch Shinku and Gaul going "Ikemen mode" (Handsome) every time they fight? I rather see Leon, the Genosis Trio or even Rico go to adult form which she even commented in the next episode preview that she might become a Super Sexy Hot Girl if she used the Hero Jewel.

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