Sunday, September 2, 2012

Dog Days S2 Ep 9: Eclair's Troubled Heart

It is the day of the Union Festival where all three kingdoms were fight it out on the battlefield. Eclair was still troubled by the kiss with Shinku a few days earlier. She tried to forgot it and continued her practice.

The Genosis Trio and Nanami also noticed Eclair was not herself when they met earlier and wondered it has got something to do with Shinku. After Eclair and Rico inspected the troops, they had a discussion about Shinku's affections to everyone.

However the discussion turned sour because Eclair was unsure of her feelings with Shinku and told Rico to mind her own business. An upset Rico ran out of the camp and bumped into Leon and Noir.


Yukikaze tried to talk to Eclair about what happened however nothing changed. Leon called out to them and want Eclair to challenge her later on the battlefield. If Eclair lose, she will have to become their general for a day.

Leon-Awesome Pose!!

The festival begin and everyone began to sortie. Eclair and Leon broke ranks and met on a bridge. Eclair used her Bright Skill but it was shattered in one blow by Leon. They continued to battle however Leon was too strong and Eclair was knocked out.

Eclair was about to give up when she heard Rico telling her to stand up. She didn't mean when she said she hate Eclair and is more concern over her doubts. Eclair understood everything and clear her confusions.

She created a dual welding Bright skills and successfully destroyed Leon's armor and sword. Leon admitted defeat and congrats Eclair. She also told Eclair to drop by her place for advice of the heart.

Everyone cheered for Eclair and Shinku congrats her. She is not confused anymore and they continue to advance into battle. Meanwhile, Millhiore and Rico prepare their rides while Becky and Couver were also ready for battle...

An episode for Eclair fans! Being the captain of the Royal Guards, she has to maintain order and discipline. But as a normal girl, she is not very honest with herself. A sudden kiss by Shinku make her drop like jelly is pretty normal for a girl for her age. The friendship between her and Rico is also tested. Rico might be blunt in her words but she meant well and when she saw Eclair was down, she immediately cheer for her which showed their friendship.

So the battle continued on the ground and on the air in the next episode!

P.S: I wonder if they are allowed Polygamy in their country? If they do, wouldn't they have a lot of stray babies running around?

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