Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Quick Picks: Hyouka Ep 20, Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 9

Hyouka Ep 20: Houtarou and Eru were locked inside a shed and it is getting colder by the minute. He recalled how they got into this mess a few hours ago. Eru invited him to visit the local shrine on New Year's Day and met her there.

How did Mayaka grew her hair in the spate of three episodes?

Eru presented a bottle of Sake to Junmonji Kaho whose family owned the Shrine. They then visit Mayaka who is working at the lost and found counter. After a while, both of them offered to find some supplies in the temple's warehouse but got trapped in the shed instead.

Houtarou want to call out for help but Eru was worried that people might misunderstood the idea if they were rescued. Houtarou suggested to use Eru's handkerchief and throw out to a hole, hoping the staff will return it to Mayaka.

However it didn't work and they tried Houtarou's wallet. This time, Satoshi and Mayaka were wondering what is going on. Finally Houtarou tied a string around Eru's pouch which Satoshi understood what is going on.

Houtarou explained he got the idea from the Sengoku TV special this morning and Satoshi was also watching the same show. He unlocked the door and found both of them freezing in which Satoshi greeted them a Sappy New Year...

I find Eru has pride and being the daughter of a well-known family, she is worried how people will look at her. If they did call out, people might spread rumors claiming she and Houtarou were doing something questionable. So Houtarou tried another approach and thank god, Satoshi understand the clue and rescued them.

Anyway, next week is the last episode and what could be the last mystery for the Classics Club?

Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 9: Yoshimoto is appointed as the new Shogun for Kyo. However everyone dislike Mitsuhide's attitude during the Takoyaki contest. Sagara knew that if they don't do something for Mitsuhide, she will betray Nobuna in the end.

Mitsuhide had a chat with Soukyuu Imai and he explained Nobuna treated her followers like family. She disagreed claiming her mother is her only family. Imai told her she is lucky as unlike Nobuna, her own mother dislike the idea of her becoming a warrior.

Later, Nobuna received the news of Takada and Uesgi planning an attack together. Sagara realised that history is changing due to his interferences. Nobuna ordered the others to sortie while Sagara was forced to go to Gifu Kingdom.

Along the way, Sagara was abducted by Sugitani while Nobuna ordered Mitsuhide to guard Yoshimoto and the capital. Nobuna found out that Sagara has been kidnapped and rushed to his last whereabouts.

I am so High!!!

At the same time, Sugitani claimed he will assissnate Nobuna first then Yoshimoto. Meanwhile, Matsunaga's forces attacked Kyo and she battled with Mitsuhide. Matsunaga tried to put her in a spell when Nobuna returned. It seems Sagara used his Iphone to distract Sugitani and miss his shot.

Sagara told Mitsuhide that Nobuna and he cared for her like family. Matsunaga's forces arrived however Boutenmaru, Louis and the western forces arrived to aid Nobuna. Matsunaga was shocked by Nobuna's influence that she surrendered to her immediately.

The next day, Nobuna and Sagara visited Himiko and she agreed that Sagara will be the one who will led Nobuna to unite Japan...

A great episode with a few close shaves. The fact is Mitsuhide is too competitive nearly cost her. All she want is Nobuna to accept her and if Matsunaga succeed, the Hononji Incident will be triggered. Matsunaga's speech of wanting to see the world burn to the ground reminds me of Joker of the Dark Knight who is all about spreading anarchy and chaos. I think she is also an Sadist who love to see pain and despair. But Nobuna's influence for the Western Forces make her reconsider and she joined Nobuna.

The next episode we are having a hot spring episode however Nobuna is in danger!

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