Saturday, September 15, 2012

Quick Picks: Accel World Ep 23, Nakimo Ep 10, Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 11

Accel World Ep 23: Taku and Chiyu met at Haru's home and Chiyu want to observe the upcoming battle with Nomi. After waiting for an hour, they immediately dive into a neutral field.

Nomi was waiting for them and he suggested to have a sudden match which mean the loser will lost all his points and the Brain Burst program un-installed. Haru and Taku agreed and the battle begin.

Haru rushed forward but was caught in a trap by Nomi's ally-Black Vice. Nomi then battle Taku while Haru's voice commands is sealed due to the trap. Taku used his incarnate system which he created a sword.

He battle Nomi and he was winning until Nomi tried to use Demonic command to steal his skill. However it didn't work and Taku chopped off Nomi's right arm. Taku claimed Nomi must have a limit to how many skills he can steal otherwise he will have stolen Chiyu's healing abilities.

Nomi loathed himself claiming that he kill his brother who is his guardian who is a big bully to him. Now he just want to destroy everything and prove he is superior to all the gamers. He then held Chiyu hostage and force Taku to surrender.

Hime arrived like a Boss!

Nomi started beating Taku up and was about to deal the final blow. Haru was almost in a despair until he remember Hime's promise and broke free of the trap. He stop Nomi from killing Taku when suddenly Hime appeared and she confronted both of them. She handle Black Vice while Haru take on Nomi...

Nomi tried to cheat with Black Vice but now Hime is back and Haru is really pissed off. Black Vice claimed he and Nomi belonged to the Acceleration Research Society and if you want to know (Highlight to see Spoliers) The leader is White Cosmos and she is Hime's elder sister and former guardian.
The quicker Haru defeated Nomi, the better I can stop listening to his whining. Nomi is just a spoilt brat who could not do anything against his elder bully brother. When he finaly got the power, he became crazy and just want to destroy anything that get in his way. This kid has really some issues and perhaps if Haru had walk the same path without Hime's guidance, he might end up the same like Nomi. Next week is the conclusion to this arc and hopefully some awesome moments to one of the best shows this year.

Nakimo Ep 10: Yuzurina suggested to Shougo to invited all the girls to the party. On the actual day, the girls arrived and joined the party. Miyabi seems distracted and left the hall.

Shougo and the others went looking for her and he spotted Seri on the phone claiming she has evidences to make Shougo lost his position as the Chairman. Ikusu stop him from confronting Seri and she explained she has been keeping tabs on her for a while and she will find the evidence to expose her.

Shougo found Miyabi drunk and she had a hangover. She rested in the hotel suite with Shougo and later had a shower. She returned to the room with only a towel and tried to seduce Shougo. He did not take advantage of her but promise he will take care of her forever.

He returned to bid farewell to the other girls and even told Yuzurina of Seri's plot. Later Yuzurina was scheming something alone...

It doesn't take a genius to know that somehow Yuzurina and Seri are conspiring to trick Shougo. In the previous episode, Seri was looking at Yuzurina's picture in her monitor and Yuzurina's last words today claimed everything is going as planned. Miyabi on the other hand is probably desperate to be Shougo's girlfriend-Trying to seduce him but Shougo was able to avoid getting into trouble. But have you ever wonder why Miyabi seems so determined?

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 11: Izumi woke up in the medical bay with Kuzuha. She told Izumi that Akatsuki is protecting Myuu now. Kuzuha excused herself and went after them.

Phil transformed himself into a giant dragon and Akatsuki has not recovered from the poison. Myuu told him that she will buy some time for him to recover and lured Phil away.

Kuzuha found Akatsuki and Izumi followed behind. They promised to help Myuu until he recovered.

Myuu tried to battle him but magic attacks is useless against him. Haruka and the student council arrived and aid her. Kuzuha and Izumi also joined the battle and mentioned that they will have to hold on for 30 minutes before Akatsuki recovered.

You wonder where that tentacle come out from which part of Phil's body?

Phil was too strong for them and knocked out everyone expect Myuu. She surrendered herself and claimed Phil will never be the true hero for what he has committed and only Akatuski is worthy of that title.

Akatsuki also appeared like a Boss!

He tried to strangle Myuu when Akatsuki arrived in his bike. He take on Phil and finally poison him with his internal strength. But then Phil fired a shot at Myuu and everything around them exploded...

Just like Accel World, it is non stop action through I find the actions here is more fun to watch as we have teamwork between Myuu and the student council to battle Phil. Akatsuki like a show stopper, arriving with his bike and making a bad ass appearance. He is winning until Phil decided to pull his last trick and tried to kill Myuu. Like the episode title-'Before the Dawn', can Akatsuki able to defeat Phil and save everyone before the end of the season? We will find out next week for the conclusion!

P.S: I am aware Accel World has just released an OVA with the release of the Accel Game PS3 game. Once I watched it, I will review it!

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