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Quick Picks: Accel World Ep 24 FINAL, Nakimo Ep 11

Accel World Ep 24 FINAL: While Hime battle Black Vice, Haru take on Nomi and summoned Gale Thruster. They fought in the air with the Gale Thruster counting down every seconds.

Haru nearly lost his boost until an image of Laker and Hime gave him one more leap and smash Nomi. Suddenly Chiyu used her power to heal Nomi and he caught Haru in a stranglehold.

But Nomi's wings disappeared and Haru regained back his wings. With the wings, Haru got the advantage and deal a fatal blow to Nomi. Chiyu explained her motives was to increase her power level and also realised her skills isn't healing but rather turning back time.

Nomi begged Black Vice for help but he left him to die and retreated. Nomi begged for mercy however Haru deal the last strike and Nomi lost his powers. Hime was glad that Haru was all right and Chiyu boosted that she send Hime a mail at the last minute to explain everything and their location of the duel.

Notice the red eye Megumi behind...

When they returned back, Chiyu was in tears and the three friends recoiled again. The next day, Haru waited for Hime's return and when they returned home, he explained the whole story. She hugged him as she missed him a lot. She asked if he want anything in return and Haru want her to be his side forever. Hime mistaken it as a confession of love which Haru quickly cleared it.

Haru's innocence of the peeping tom incident was cleared thanks to Hime. He met Nomi but he has no memory of the Accel world. Haru, Hime and Taku met Niko and Leopard after school and confirmed a person will lost all memories of the Accel world once the program is un-installed.

Haru brought Hime to see Laker which both girls felt awkward. Haru returned the Gale Thruster to Laker and she bid farewell. Hime called out her real name-Fuko and want her to be her friend again. Fuko was touched and they gave each other a hug. The three of them looked at the evening sun as they looked upon a new tomorrow...

Who is this girl?

Final Thoughts: That is the end of Accel World for this season! When I first read the description of this show, I thought it will be a comedy since Haru looked like Sakurai from Sora no Otoshimono. But no, Haru is really a short fat kid with issues. Then from cute pig avatar, Haru become a cool silver knight of the Accel World with the help of Hime. From then on, the show really picked up as they deal with other regions and troubles in both the real world and the virtual world.

Haru was not a bad lead despite his appearances. He handle himself especially during the Dusk Taker Arc when he tried solving the problem of his missing wings. He met Laker (Who is hot) and Niko who own him a favor and learn more of the Accel World's secrets. Hime was bad ass for the first half of the series until she went for her school trip. But even then, she faced her battles and discovered her friend, Megumi is a former Burst Linker and subconsciously aid her, despite losing her memories.

Who is that girl?

Taku and Chiyu were all right though I hate Chiyu for the last few episodes but it was all to aid Haru secretly. (That healing power is a clone of Bleach's Orihime's power with the all go back in time crap) The rest of the supporting characters were all right like Niko who can behave a cute girl one moment to a total nutcase. Leopard is cool, spurting computer lingo and had a cool avatar. Sky Laker was sweet and I hope to see more of her in the next season. (If they do)

Till we meet again!

But what about the Acceleration Research Society? What is their motives? Since we already seen four of it's members and Nomi has been defeated. Will they return again to raise their claws at our heroes and what about the small fragment of Chromo Disaster in Haru's body? We did saw a peak of Haru going berserk with it. Will it happen again? Only time will tell but for now, Haru and his friends will enjoy some peace till the next battle! BURST LINK!

Nakimo Ep 11: Shougo had a dream of him rescuing Konoe and Yuzurina is also there too. As Yuzurina make breakfast for him, he asked whether she was joking about being his bride during the day of his father's funeral. She claimed she was not there and could be a prank by someone else.

Ikusa..Sweet Ikusa..

Miyabi didn't come to school as she had a cold. Ikusa was up all night trying to uncover the conspiracy by Seri and fell asleep on Shougo's shoulder. (Some girls mistaken them as a Yaoi couple)

Later Konoe and Shougo visited Miyabi. She want Shougo to kiss her (in the previous episode, she thought he kissed Konoe) which he refused. She instead want Shougo to go out with her on a date without Konoe's knowledge. Later Yuzurina warned Shougo that Konoe might be lying to him regarding the day of his father's funeral which troubled him.

What does Shougo want from Rinka?

Shougo and Miyabi went out a date eventually and Ikusa discovered a secret from Shougo's favourite Super Hero show...

This episode is a mix bag. One, Shougo is still trying to uncover who is plotting against him while being dragged around by Miyabi. Yuzurina is definitely scheming and sow distrust between Shougo and the other girls. With one more episode to go and an OVA coming soon, can Shougo uncover the truth and finally find his sister and also, get on with one of the girls?

P.S: I will be busy tomorrow so Dog Days, Smile Precure and Quick Picks will be delayed until Monday or Tuesday (I hope)

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