Wednesday, September 19, 2012

DIGI NEWS: Saint Seiya Omega coming on PSP on 29/11/12

With the Tokyo Game Show 2012 going on now, we have many new titles coming out for the next four months and next year.

So with Saint Seiya Omega passing the 25 episode mark, what better way to have more fun with a new PSP video game!

The game will have the cast of the Omega series and Seiya in his Gold Saint Form will be in it too. It will have an original story facing a former enemy-Poseidon of the Sea which is interesting because Poseidon was sealed in Athena's amphora and now he is back with a vengeance.

Since Seiya is in it, will we see the rest of the Legend Saints? The game will be out on 29 November 2012 and the first print will include an illustration book with all the characters in the game.

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