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Quick Picks: Accel World Ep 21, Nakimo Ep 8, Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 9

Accel World Ep 21: Haru called up Niko and she agreed to meet him and Taku at a cafe. As they board the bus, Haru explained about Nomi's trap to frame him. Taku forgive him after Haru confessed he saw Chiyu in the changing room.

Are the girls thinking something weird about them?

Let your legs rub my face, Niko Sama!

They met Niko and Haru asked about the Incarnate system which annoyed her. They then went to a private room and Haru explained everything. Niko agreed to help since they help her in the past and they dived into the Accel World.

Niko asked Haru to show his skill so far and after showing it, Niko showed her own Incarnate skill. She explained there are four types of Incarnate skills and she is only able to master two of it. Niko also agreed to teach Taku while Haru will return to the real world to find out more of the hackers.

When Haru returned, the waitress who is actually Niko's assistant named Blood Leopard took him to investigate the matter. They rode her bike to Akihabara which is the Yellow Legion's home ground.


Haru as a Cute Pink Dinosaur!?

Taku started his training with Niko while Haru and Leopard arrived at a dive cafe. They entered a bar which is a neutral ground for all players and spoke to the Match Maker. The Match Maker also heard of unregistered players causing trouble to the others and there are several of them in this area. As they listened, an unknown player entered the dive cafe...

Now things are getting interesting! Niko explained the four Incarnate skill which are limiters that are is linked to a player's dark weakness and fear. Taku was bullied as a kid in the Kendo club which is why he has a long range weapon despite being a close range fighter. I guess for Haru is because he has low self esteem that he want to overcome everything and rise among others which is why he have wings instead.

Blood Leopard who is voiced by Kawasumi Ayako (Saber!) gave a dead pan expression when she talked and she is not bad looking. I wonder how she looked in normal clothing. Now with more information of the hackers and the appearance of one of them in the cafe means Haru is getting close to take Nomi and his allies. In the next episode, it's pay back as Haru will battle Nomi the third time!

Nakimo Ep 8: Shougo began his rounds as disciplinary officer. He saw Miyabi in a short skirt and reprimanded her. She tease him into measuring her skirt and Konoe also joined in.

After Rinka reprimanded Shougo for not being firm enough, Ikusa suggested to him to bring her out for a date to probe further of Rinka's background. He and Ikusa took Rinka and Tendo to the amusement park for a double date which Rinka mentioned this is her first time here.

Bad timing to grope her breasts!

After several rides, Ikusa took Tendo away while Shougo and Rinka played the Zombie Shooting game. Both of them wore swimsuits as the Zombies spurt liquid on them. A power failure went off and Shougo accidentally touch Rinka's breasts that got her annoyed.

Later, Rinka saw a raccoon strap claiming she saw it somewhere. Shougo then remembered Sagara's phone has a similar strap. The next day, he confronted Rinka with the voice changer phone and she confessed she was the one who faked the announcement about his sister.

She explained one of the director, Genda told her to pull such stunts so they can blackmail Shougo's company. Rinka also claimed she is engaged to Genda's son by an arranged marriage. Shougo decided to help her and asked her to become his fake girlfriend. Rinka took it seriously and asked him to close his eyes.

Please take me, Shougo!

When he opened, Rinka was only wearing a shirt and want Shougo to take responsible. However they were interrupt by Shinga. A few days later, Rinka joined Shougo for lunch and proclaimed she has cancelled her engagment and now is his girlfriend. Miyabi and Konoe demanded an explanation after that...

Among all the five girls, Rinka is probably the one I am interested. Her stern behavior is similar to another of my favourite heroines-Kotegawa Yui of To Love Ru. She was really in the loss-loss scenario by Genda. But she did warn Shougo to be wary of bad people through the PA system which showed Shougo is a target for rival business groups.

Her actions is the most daring so far as she is already in the nude and is waiting to get laid by Shougo! Now she joined Miyabi and Konoe as they tried to win Shougo's heart...

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 9: Myuu, Chikage and Kuzuha were ambushed by Phil. Myuu recongize his seal as the Knight of Disdia and he attacked them.

While Professor Kubota ordered the working staff to fix the system, Akatsuki, Haruka and the others arrived to find Chikage and Kuzuha injured and Myuu missing. After finding what is going on, Akatsuki ordered Haruka to bring them to the medical tent and ordered an evacuation as he went to find Myuu.

Myuu was trying to get away from Phil when he was confronted by Onizuka. He tried to take down Phil but failed. Akatsuki arrived and heal his injures. He ordered Kaido who was trailing him to take Onizuka back to camp.

Myuu arrived at a empty field and recalled Haruka telling her about her fortune. She was worried that people will get hurt because of her. Phil arrived and he took her down with ease. He explained by bringing her back to the other world, they can lure all the demons out and killed them in one swoop.

I am really Pissed off!

Phil tried to take advantage of her when Akatuski arrived and is pissed off by Phil making Myuu cry...

What makes a hero? This is probably Myuu wondered as she was pinned down by Phil. A hero is defined who do the right thing and protect those who can't. In Phil's case, I think those natives in the other world probably has a wrong idea. He is twisted and will do anything to get his objectives. Irregardless of humans or demons, no beings should be oppressed or killed just because they are different. Their ideas of wiping out an entire race is not justified which I hope Akatsuki will go back to the other world and kick those jerks' sorry butt. For now I just can't wait for next episode as Craze Hero vs Rogue Hero!

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