Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Quick Picks: Hyouka Ep 19, Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 8

Hyouka Ep 19: Houtarou and Eru were relaxing in the club room when she told him she was full of praise because of the last few cases he solved. Houtarou was modest and claimed it was all luck in solving the cases.

But Eru insisted he is unique. Houtarou became modest and ask her to come out a scenario to prove he is not perfect. They heard an announcement through the PA system asking for those who went to Koubundou store at the train station to meet the Vice Principal immediately.

Eru suggested to use this announcement to deduce what is going on. Houtarou explained several theories and finally came up to the conclusion that someone used counterfeit money to con a shop. (This scene is pretty long so you have to watch the whole thing to understand)

However Houtarou claimed it is just a theory and told Eru not to worry too much. The next morning, he read a newspaper article claiming the Police smashed a counterfeit money syndicate which make him awkward...

As much as Houtarou refused to admit, he is a person with high deductions skills. I wonder what is his IQ level? He could be on par with Kindaichi Hajime or Edogawa Conan. Although my favourite detective is the Original Master Detective-Sherlock Holmes portrayed by Benedict Cumberbatch in the 2011/12 BBC series.

Given the right data and information, he can very well a good detective in the future. Not much to talk about this episode and it is the New Year in the next episode and Houtarou and Eru got involved in an another case.

Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 8: The current Daimyo, Sakihisa refused to acknowledge Yoshimoto as the new Shogun unless Nobuna come up with 12000 Kan of gold as payment. Nobuna and Sagara went to Sakai which is the neutral town and main trading route of Japan.

Meanwhile, Katsuie and her forces encounter a masked man whose strength is on par with her. Nobuna met Soukyuu Imai, a famous merchant who monopolise the Takoyaki market. He agreed to help but Soukyuu Tsuda refused and decided to settle it with a Takoyaki match. The wager is Tsuda will get all of Imai's Takoyaki stands and pay the 12000 Kan too if he win and if Imai win, Tsuda will pay only the Kan.

Mitsuhide who want to prove she can help Nobuna volunteered to enter the match with Sagara also competing. After getting some inspirations from Louis, the match begin which Nobuna, Imai and Tsuda were amazed by the Takoyaki coveredwith Mayonnaise.

Mitsuhide's Takoyaki were horrible but they declared her the winner. Although Tsuda won but Imai has no regret as he found a new recipe for his Takoyaki. Mitsuhide was pleased with herself however Nobuna was angry and refused to talk to her.

Mitsuhide could not understand why and wandered alone in the rain. However all of these is a big conspiracy plot hatched by Sakihisa, Tsuda and Matsunaga to sow distrust between Mitsudhide and Nobuna. They then hired a mercenary, Sugitani Zenjubou to assassinate Yoshimoto...

If you know your Sengoku histories, you will know that Mitsuhide will betrayed Nobunga which leads to his downfall. Now it seems it is going to happen and in history, Hideyoshi will kill Mitsuhide in revenge.

Of course in a show like this, it will never happened. Sagara will find a loophole to prevent Mitsuhide's betrayal. But first, he need to uncover the conspiracy and prevent Yoshimoto's death. Furthermore, that masked warrior that fought with Katsuie is probably someone they know. (No prizes in guessing who is he) One more thing, I think Sagara has just invented putting Mayonnaise with Takoyaki in the 1600s.

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