Saturday, September 8, 2012

Quick Picks: Accel World Ep 22, Nakimo Ep 9, Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 10

Accel World Ep 22: Haru and Leopard found out the player is called Rust Jigsaw and they challenged him to a fight. Both of them tried to take down Rust but he set up traps everywhere and they couldn't get close.

Leopard told Haru to give him his special move energy and she change into a real leopard on four. They charged towards Rust and Leopard bite him hard on the shoulder. This cause to Rust to log out and they search in the street hoping they could catch him with the injuries. Haru nearly found him but was distracted by a maid giving pamphlets.

B Cup? But definitely bigger than Hime!

Taku has finished his training with Nico and the next day, they heard that Nomi and Chiyu has started challenging other players and winning. Haru tried to talk some sense to Chiyu however she is stubborn and even tried to seduce Haru. He refused to accept and promise to free her from Nomi.

It looked like the one used in Sword Art Online...

He then tried to anaylse Nomi's pattern and suspected that he is using a different device. He confronted Nomi and was correct that he was using a chip implant in his brain which is illegal. Haru challenged him to a fair duel which he accepted. Haru informed Taku about it and knowing that Nomi will not play fair, they come out a plan and hope that they can solve the matter before Hime return...

This is getting exciting with every new episode. Now Haru found out the secret of Nomi's cheating, he know how to beat him in his own game. But the warning given by Leopard regarding of not using the Incarnate system unless in dire state also give Haru some thoughts. If Haru used the Incarnate system too much, he might be lost himself and end up becoming another Chrome Disaster which I think it is getting close (He has one little fragment in his body and almost went Berserk mode last time) I am not sure we are getting a season 2 as there is still a lot of things to cover but hopefully Haru can beat the crap out of Nomi before Hime come back...

Stop sniffing my bed!

Nakimo Ep 9: A girl named Houshou Yuzurina moved next to Shougo's apartment and she claimed to be his sister. She explained she is actually her long lost cousin from his father's side. Shougo has doubts about it and Yuzurina could sense other girls has came to his room.

He received a call from his mother telling him to bring his female partner for the upcoming business party which Yuzurina overheard too. The next day, the girls were playing in the pool when Rinka and Tendo were bringing Yuzurina for a tour of the school. Yuzurina told them she is Shougo's sister which got into a frenzy.


In the store room, Shougo explained everything to them however Miyabi refused to accept it and want Yuzurina to go for a DNA test which she agreed to it. Yuzurina then told everyone about Shougo's female partner for the party and everyone fought over it. But they were interrupted by Kotori Sensei who heard the rackets in the room.

Konoe! Get off my bed and stop sniffing my pillow!

Nose Bleed? Are you horny by nature?

Miyabi was not training well while Konoe tried to seduce Shougo with food and herself. Shougo forced her out of the bed by tickling and Yuzurina eavesdrop everything and got a nose bleed. Later Konoe tried to get a kiss from Shougo however he stop, thinking someone was watching them but it was actually Miyabi who misunderstood them. Shougo got the DNA results and it is confirmed Yuzurina is his sister...

So Yuzurina is his biological sister? I am not really buying that yet as for a show that has six novels under it is kinda of too early to reveal who is his sister. Among all the girls, Miyabi showed the most resistance which I am suspecting she is the real sister. Although in another plot hole, the test showed they are not. Anyway, I just want to see who is Shougo bringing for the party but I got a feeling it will be everyone tagging along in the end. (Harem Ending!)

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 10: Akatsuki started battling Phil and he was stronger than Phil. Phil tried to preach claiming he will become the new hero once he bring Myuu and kill all the evil in the world. He even told him he destroyed Leon's grave as he is such a fool to die.

It angered Akatsuki more but Phil held Myuu hostage. He forced Akatsuki to drop his weapon which he complied. Phil tried to kill him but Akatsuki protect himself with his energy and defeat him easily. Myuu ran away and he gave chase. She want to kill herself but was saved by Akatsuki.

Myuu want to end her life as she is bringing everyone she care about in danger. However Akatsuki told her he will protect her no matter what happened and laid a kiss on her. They want to leave but Akatsuki was poisoned by Phil earlier and loss conscious.

Myuu tried to warm his body by hugging in the nude but Akatsuki recovered and started teasing her. He explained the Ki energy in his body neutralise the poison and he was just resting earlier.

Phil appeared again and revealed his true power...

I think Akatsuki is like God Mode which no one can really touch him and even poison him. He was so confident that he beat the hell out of Phil with his bare hands and it was awesome. Why can't male leads these days be like him?

Even in time of urgent, there was still time for fan service and we got Myuu trying to warm Akatsuki's body in the nude and finally he kiss her! But now Phil just went Super Saiyan mode. But don't worry, Akatsuki won't be alone as Haruka and Izumi are on their way to aid him. I mean, a real hero need his friends and compainons to fight the big boss in like every RPG game you seen a thousand times before?

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