Monday, August 20, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 27: A Mid-Summer's Secret

Miyuki brought the others to visit her grandmother at the countryside. They took a break when an elderly lady told them a Kappa might appear in the river creek if they get too close. Miyuki recogize the lady as her grandmother, Hoshizora Tae.

I love this shot of Reika with her hat!

The girls arrived at Tae's house and told Candy to pose as a doll. Tae then brough them to a creek where they eat fresh vegetables. Nao asked Tae if there are really Kappa around in which Miyuki offered a cucumber in the river and shouted to the Kappa to collect it.

Miyuki also told the others her love of stories come from Tae who tell her folktales when she was younger. That night, while setting up the table for dinner, Miyuki noticed an extra set and Tae explained for their little guest which happened to be Candy. The girls hide her as Tae's neighbour brought some food for her.

After dinner, Miyuki asked Tae why she doesn't want to stay with her in the city. She explained she loved the countryside and there is a treasure here she want to protect. Miyuki asked what it was but Tae said it is a secret.

This week's eyecatch-Princess Peace!

Meanwhile Wolfrun was feeling the heat and decided to go to the mountains. The next day, the girls help in the vegetations and Candy used the elephant decor to water the plants. Wolfrun was relaxing in the creek when he spotted something and immediately ran off.

He came across the girls who are resting and Tae called him cute. The girls tried not to laugh which angered Wolfrun to summon the Bad End Energy spell however it has no effect on Tae which everyone was surprised.

Tae told them although there will be times of bad but the sun will shine for a better tomorrow. Wolfrun was furious about it however Tae ignored him and went to the kitchen. He created an Akanbe with a incense holder (Not sure if that is the correct description) and the girls transformed.

The girls knocked the Akanbe away from the house and Cure Happy claimed is to protect Tae's treasure. This make them ask what is the treasure which gave the Akanbe an opening to fire a shot at them.

The shot knocked them down and the Akanbe fired another at the house. However a huge gust of wind extinguhed the shot and knocked the Akanbe in the water. Cure Happy suspected it could be the Tengu who created that wind. Suddenly a creature in the water make the Akanbe loss it's balance and Wolfrun recongize as the creature earlier.

Eight more to go!!

The girls transformed to Princess Form and defeated the Akanbe. Later, as the girls were relaxing, a gentle gust of wind blew them and Tae claimed the mountains is thanking for something the girls had done. Miyuki then told Tae it is their secret and they all laughed after that...

This is a pretty good episode with Tae being a solid foundation who does not fear or despair. If you have probably figure out, Tae's treasure is probably the whole countryside and nature itself. In this case, the "Tengu" and "Kappa" aid the girls in their need which leave a kind of strange but yet warm feeling in this episode.

Tae herself is also awesome. She already knew Candy is real and not backing out at the sight of Wolfrun make me think that she got accustomed with all the folktales sightings that everything seems normal to her. Even her preaching is like how Tendo Souji will always preach his grandmother's words in Kamen Rider Kabuto (All you need is Tae to point to the sky and you know that is Tendo's grandmother)

Next episode, another supernatural episode with the girls trapped in an abandoned school and Majorina created ghosts to scare them off.

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