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Quick Picks: Hyouka Ep 18, Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 7, Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 7

Hyouka Ep 18: Houtarou and his friends are doing their homework at school when they heard a helicopter passed by. Houtarou mentioned that his middle school English teacher, Mr Ogi always look at the window every time a helicopter passes by and claimed he love helicopter.

Satoshi recalled Mr Ogi boosted he was hit by near lighting three times which Houtarou find it suspicious. He decided to pay a visit to the town library and Eru tagged along. Over there, they found an incident which Mr Ogi was the leader of a mountain expedition and two members went missing for two days.

Houtarou deduced Mr Ogi is not a fan of helicopters but rather seeing people getting hurt and hoping for rescuers to come and save them. Eru was a loss of words but Houtarou told her to drop it and  they went their separate ways...

A little side story in which Houtarou took the first step to investigate that got everyone in a frenzy. However it was a pretty simple case and Houtarou claimed the answers is in the newspapers and he is probably not meeting Mr Ogi again which is why he decided not to probe further. Anyway, with three more episodes left, what will be their last case for the Classics club?

Warning: That is a MAN!

Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 7: Kyoto was attacked by the Miyoshi Three and the current ShogunYoshiteru and his sister fled the Captial. Nobuna suggested to put Yoshimoto as the new Shogun and they headed to Kyoto.

Which girl you want to get laid with?


Asai want an alliance for Nobuna and she tricked him by giving Nobusumi as a bride (in disguise) away. Later Sagara demanded a night with the most beautiful girl in the land however it turned out to be Nene which he was disappointed.

As Nobuna's forces advanced to Kyoto, Sagara, Hanbei, Goemon and Inuchiyo went ahead to the Capital and found the people dying and looting occurred everywhere. Sagara and Inuchiyo rescued a Miko who is actually Himiko who has supernatural powers and she is able to tell Sagara is from the future.

They later helped a foregin Nun named Louis and her bodyguard, Bontenmaru from some bandits in which Himiko asked Sagara if peace will come to their land in the future.

Later, Sagara and Inuchiyo were stunned by Hisahide Matsunaga's magic spell and Himiko claimed she will return to the royal palace if Hisahide spared Sagara's life.

Sagara and Inuchiyo could not recall what happened earlier but escorted Himiko back to the royal palace. Nobuna's forces arrived at Kyoto and restored order to the capital...

If you know Sengoku Basara's History, Hisahide Matsunaga is one of the most dangerous characters as he is not just cunning as a fox but also a deadly swordsman. He is a merchant of death who only work for whoever has the bigger money purse.

Now, a new challenge awaits for Nobuna. The Miyoshi Three retreated temporarily and they will be back to invade Kyoto. What is Himiko's secret and will she help the Miyoshi Three or deflected to Sagara in the future? I think Sagara has a magnet for attracting little girls to him which I don't think he is a fan of it either as giving Nene is a big disappointment for him. In the next episode, some peacetime in the Capital as everyone got involved in a cooking contest?

I take Haruka anytime!

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 7: Akatsuki and the girls went to the beach as a reward for saving the little girl in the hostage crisis. Haruka and the student council were also invited and she is dragged to play with Miu and the others.

Meanwhile at Alazzard, Risty had a meeting with the rulers and they accused Akatsuki for bringing Miu to his world and demanded to capture her back.

The gang entered a large scale hide and seek as invited by Kaido and Akatsuki was tagged. However he took the offensive and started beating up guys and stripping girls' swimwear.

Izumi, Kuzuha and Haruka tried to stop him but had their swimwear stripped away. Finally Akatsuki and Myuu had a moment in the water however they were disqualited due to hiding in the water.

Later, Risty tried to stop Emperor Baram from capturing Akatsuki. But he preached that Akatsuki is not the real hero and the real hero, Leon sacrfice himself for Akatsuki. Baram send Phil Banett who is also a native of the human world to capture Miu and to kill Akatsuki if he got in his way...

The first half is pure fan service with Akatsuki being himself and teasing the girls. Haruka got the bad end as she was completely stripped to nothing. Through I am more concered of what Baram said about Akatsuki. Claiming that Leon is the real hero and his sacrfice is probably the reason why Akatsuki left Alazzard. (Which explain why he is a rogue hero and not a real hero)

Hopefully we can get some back story about it and with the ranking tournament in the next episode and Phil is sent to take back Myuu, can Akatsuki do both at the same time?

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