Sunday, August 19, 2012

Dog Days S2 Ep 7: Mices! Mices and More Mices!

Shinku, Eclair and Rico went to visit Yukikaze and they saw Adele and Valeria fetching Brioche and Ikusa to the south desert.

Yukikaze explained they are checking the demon seals in a cave and mentioned Brioche and Ikusa fought together with Adele years ago and Brioche's name is actually a title given by the Kingdom and her real name is Hina Maxima.

Brioche and the others arrived at the cave and started exploring. Adele accidentally broke one of the seals and it started releasing millions of Mices spirits. They tried to catch them however Adele, Valeria and Brioche were overrun by the Mices and got turned into little children due to the mices' energy sucking abilities.

Ikusa took them to safety and Adele contacted Shinku, Nanami and Becky for help. They agreed to help and brought fishing nets along. Adele teleport them to the cave and they started catching the Mices.

Everyone look so adorable in kids' clothings!

While catching, Yukikaze, Eclair, Nanami and the Genosis Trio got turned into little kids. Yukikaze used her magic to create clothing for them. Shinku and Gaul were about to find the source when Adele gave them two jewels which might aid them.

It's time for Cool Guys Action!

They found all the Mices are turning into a giant demon mouse and it fired a shot at them. However the Jewels resonate with Shinku and Gaul and it turned them into adults. With their new strength, they joined forces and defeated the demon mouse.

After the seal has been closed, Adele and Valeria reverted to their adult forms. They explained to Shinku and Gaul the jewels has accepted them as Heroes and it belonged to them now.

Suddenly the rest were changing back to their original form but Yukikaze mentioned a slight problem which Becky took Shinku away and Gaul and Valeria being blinded. The clothes they were wearing were torn to shreds and it was embarrassing.

I want to see Shinku as an Adult!!

Shinku and Gaul also returned to their normal form and everyone returned home. Later, Millhiore and Rico listened to their adventures and they were envious of Shinku's adult form...

Who will imagine that Mices can be so dangerous? However it was cute to see the girls as little kids and Shinku and Gaul as cool guys which left some of them a deep impression. If only Millhiore and Leon will have come along, I will like to hug a cute version of them too.

Of course, Becky did mentioned Shinku hugging her from behind is a little bit illegal. That was cute of her too. (I think Becky also want to get on with Adult Shinku but was too embarrassed to say it) So with a new jewel, Shinku and Gaul are true heroes materials and maybe in the future, the jewels will come in handy again. For now, everyone prepare for another festival and battle in the next episode!

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