Sunday, August 12, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 26: Candy's First Night Festival

The girls met at the summer night festival and everyone commented on their lovely Yukata. Even Candy wore a Yukata by using the dress decor.

This Apple Candy is Unbelievable!

They started walking and saw Nao's father playing the Taiko. Candy got a taste of the candy floss which she enjoyed it. Meanwhile Majorina is also at the festival and she was disgusted by the people enjoying themselves.

Reika-Master of Goldfish Catching!

The girls tried catching some goldfish with Reika being superior at catching it. Majorina caught one and was planning to eat it but was told by the stall owner the goldfish are not edible.

Natto Candies...the horror!

The girls then tried the shooting gallery which Miyuki and Candy won the Natto candies. Majorina won a holiday trip by accident but was pissed off by the stall owner calling her an old lady.

Candy is licking Candy!

Reika-Master of catching Water Balloons!

This weekend's eyecatch-Princess Sunny!

After playing for a while, the girls took a break. Candy was distracted by the mask display and was mistaken for a toy by one of the stall. The girls went to find Candy and found her as a prize offering. They gathered their money which is enough for five tries.

Reika-Master of..oh wait, you miss!

You're suppose to catch me, Yayoi!

Everyone took turns but failed until Miyuki was the last one. Her ring was about to land on the wrong prize when Candy used her hair to catch the ring. They finally got Candy back and went outside the festival.

Majorina found them and began to suck Bad End energy on the people. The girls transformed and Majorina created an Akanbe using the festival toys.

Lose some weight, Cure Peace!

The Akanbe took down the girls by surprise and Majorina started to preach of hating all the people enjoying the festival. The girls stood up and was determined to take down the Akanbe.

Ten more to go!

They summoned Princess Form and quickly down the Akanbe. It became two new decors and Majorina retreated.

The girls then went to a hill top and enjoyed the fireworks display. Candy was amazed by the display and thank Miyuki for bringing her to the festival...

For a festival episode, it was pretty funny especially everyone trying out all the game stalls with hilarious results. Reika was good in everything expect in throwing rings. The girls throwing the rings to win Candy back was funny. Majorina was also funny, winning all the good prizes even through she didn't need it.

The battle was average as once again Princess Form saved the day. I hope we get some serious competition battling stronger Akanbe that doesn't need Princess Form as a winning flag.

Reika in a white dress and a white hat...Absolutely Beautiful!

Next week, the girls visited Miyuki's grandmother and she has a secret that everyone must protect for her! (I got a feeling Miyuki's grandmother will said she is a former Precure...NOT!)

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