Monday, August 13, 2012

Quick Picks: Accel World Ep 18, Hyouka Ep 17, Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 6, Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 6

Accel World Ep 18: After Hime finished talking to Haru at Okinawa, she and her friend, Megumi enjoyed playing at the beach. Later, they went shopping and they decided to buy a surprise gift for each other.

Suddenly Hime was forced into a battle with two Burst linkers-Ruka and Mana. She took down Ruka easily and they demanded to meet Hime in the real world. They met each other and explained to help their Guardian to battle an unknown enemy in the Accel World.

Hime reluctantly accepted their offer and they agreed to meet later that night. She returned to the hotel and forgot about to buy a gift for Megumi. Megumi was a bit upset but was called away for a school meeting.

Hime, Ruka and Mana logged in and they found their Guardian, Crikin who is whining in a bar but was stunned to see Hime whom she recognise him...

If the opening is correct, this unknown enemy is another ally with Nomi and he seems to be very strong with his dinosaur horseback. Will Hime able to overcome this new enemy and it seems Megumi has a dark secret which she is about to reveal very soon to Hime...

Hyouka Ep 17: Eru went on air and announced the Classics Club will catch Junmonji. Later many people came to their club wanting to catch him in the act. Suddenly their bait exploded and Junmonji left his calling card.

After Eru got some preaching from Irisu over the way she presented herself on air, Satoshi recalled Houtarou confronting the vice chairman of the student council-Jiro Tanabe earlier before the explosion.

He overheard that Houtarou has figured out that Jiro is Junmonji and he is doing it for a senior who did the "A Corpse in Evening" doujinshi. After Jiro admitted he did it, Houtarou did not want to expose him but rather "blackmail" him to sell their anthology books. Furthermore, he told Jiro to get some sulphur to create the explosion in the club to fool everyone.

Satoshi felt defeated claiming that Houtarou was the smarter one. Mayaka also resolved her issues with her club members and their anthology books were all sold out. Satoshi told the two girls that Houtarou has actually solved the Junmonji incident and they decided to talk about it over dinner...

That's the end of the Junmonji Arc. An interesting story with a few surprises and once again, Houtarou was brillant to figure out Jiro was Junmonji. He could have expose Jiro as the thief but decided to let go since it was just a publicity stunt. Further Houtarou got rid of some books they want to sell off to Jiro. Now the Kanya festival is over, what mystery await for our Classics club members?

Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 6: Nobuna want to build a castle at Sunomata to counter Yoshitatsu's forces. However she rejected Sagara's offer to help and failed in their attempt. He asked Nobuna to believe in his plans to build a castle at Sunomata.

Nobuna became a decoy for Yoshitatsu's men Inabe and Ujiie to attack her while Sagara's team went to built a castle. During the battle, Nobuna, Inabe and Ujiie's forces were trapped due to Yoshitatsu's betrayal.

Sagara's forces defended their new castle and Goemon got shot while protecting him. Nobuna managed to break the fire and arrived at Sunomata. She thought all was lost but saw Sagara still alive. They broke the enemy forces and captured Yoshitatsu.

Goemon survived due to her body armor and Yoshitatsu was brought to Nobuna. She spared his life which Dosan called her a fool. Later Sagara explained to Dosan that she does not lose a "father" like Dosan and asked him to look at the town. There, the town was lighted up to resemble a snake. Furthermore, the castle is now called Gifu which means Stepfather...

A good episode and Sagara was really lucky this time. If Goemon didn't take the hit and Nobuna make back in time, they will be tear apart by enemy forces. The last scene was pretty nice which showed Nobuna's care for her men and family. Now with a new castle and land, Nobuna is ready for their destination-Kyoto, the capital of Ancient Japan...

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 6: While a high level conference is going on in the city with Kyouka taking charge. Kaido dragged Akatsuki to see a mechanic over a special bike.

Akatsuki tried the bike but was knocked out by it's electric field. The mechanic claimed Akatsuki's father Gouki rode the same bike with ease which make Akatsuki more determined to ride the bike.

Nice Ass, Haruka!

He finally control the bike and Haruka tried to discipline him. She touched the bike which destroyed her clothes. Suddenly she received a call that terrorists has held people hostage in a building. Akatsuki gave her his jacket to cover herself which she reluctantly accepted it.

Why aren't you wearing any pants?

Haruka and her team went to rescue the hostages however one of the terrorists held a small girl hostage by surprise. Before they could escape, Akatsuki rescued the girl and saved the day. Haruka reprimanded Akatsuki but had a change of heart after seeing the girl reuniting with her mother.

One of the terrorists who posed as a hostage tried to blow up the building and Kaido killed him. Later that night, Haruka returned Akatsuki his jacket after dry-cleaning it. She didn't stay around but her heart is throbbing over him...

An episode with Haruka! She is fun to watch with Inoue Marina playing the straight girl but yet Akatsuki warmed her heart which she goes all jelly for him. Especially the last scene, she is behaving like a school girl. But this show also have some developments-Akatsuki has some issues with his father once the mechanic mentioned his name and why is Kaido silencing the terrorist with the mention of the"Scarlet Dusk." Next episode the gang goes to the beach and Haruka in a bikini, (Yummy!)

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