Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dog Days S2 Ep 6: World's Biggest Morning Star!

The three rulers went for a meeting together with their heroes at Couver's kingdom. At the meeting, Couver mentioned that both Millhiore and Leon look radiant and they explained that Nanami and Shinku took good care of their groomings.

Shinku told Becky and Nanami that Ikusa is currently staying with Brioche when Becky told Shinku that Couver want to see him in private. He went to find Couver and she took him to a shirne on a hill top.

She explained that her ancestor who is the Hero King sealed off the demon king here and restored peace to the land. The Hero King's last resting place id also here and a prohecy claimed if the descendant and the current hero were to open the shrine, a miracle will happened.

Shinku and Couver placed their hand on the shrine when suddenly a man appeared. The man announced he is Valeria Calvados aka the Demon King. He sucked Shinku and Couver's energy which weaken them.

Valeria fled to the castle and started peeking on the girls changing room. He then went to the bathroom where Nanami and Becky were bathing. However the two girls drove Valeria away and he landed near Millhiore and Leon were.

This is for Millhiore's ribbon!

Shinku and the others also arrived and Valeria blowed them away. Millhioire's ribbon was damaged and Valeria was mocking at them. Shinku went to knock some sense on him but it angered Valeria. He then sucked energy from everyone when Couver's thoughts released another seal on the shrine.

Adel looked very corny for a Hero King!

A figure appeared in the sky and it is the Hero King (or Hero Queen?) Adelaide Grand Marnier. She beat up Valeria with ease and everything was restored.

Adel make Valeria apologize to everyone and they were about to return to the shrine. However the shrine malfunction and they are forced to stay at Couver's castle for the time being.

Everybody returned to their home and Millhiore thanks Shinku for standing against Valeria...

So Valeria, the big demon king who used to cause fear and despair is actually nothing more than a pervert, peeking tom. But if he got real pissed off, he might have destroy everything. But he also understand if he does that, there will be nothing for him to put fear on. Adel might be the Hero King and she show the others why by throwing a giant Morning star on Valeria which took care of him easily.

Now with Adel and Valeria unable to return, what troubles could happen for Shinku and company? Will Valeria continue to harass the women of the land? Will Adel be able to control him? What else could happen now?

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