Sunday, August 5, 2012

Quick Picks: Accel World Ep 17, Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 5

Accel World Ep 17: Haru got a call from Hime who is at Okinawa and he was embarrassed by her swimsuit. He did not mention to her what has happened for the last few days.

Later, Haru saw Taku burst link into the Accel World and challenging Nomi. Taku already knew what happened to Haru's wings and he is determined to beat Nomi. Nomi cheated as he is also able to push his parameters and took down Taku.

Haru challenged Nomi and used the Gale Thruster. He preached over Nomi for being a cheater. However Nomi claimed he is different from the first generations players and his allies are stronger than him.

Haru ignored it and together with Taku defeated Nomi. Suddenly Chiyu arrived and heal Nomi which shocked Taku and Haru...

You think defeating Nomi is the end of the story? Not! Now Chiyu is helping him probably he blackmail her and he claimed he belong to a faction that goes against the laws of the Accel World. I got a feeling Haru and his friends will face a more powerful group than the original Seven Kings. But now what will happen next? However in the next episode, the story shift to Hime who is having her own battles with some players in Okinawa...

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Ep 5: Kaido introduced himself to Akatsuki and want him to meet someone the following week. During their off day, Akatsuki tagged along with Myuu, Izumi and Kuzuha to a shopping mall.

This Bra cost 14800 yen!

Haruka in a Brassier, Yummy!

Myuu wanted to buy some Lingerie and after trying a new bra given by the sale assistant, she accidentally broke it and Akatsuki was hanging on the celling in the fitting room. Izumi and Kuzuha entered too and they make a rackle inside which Haruka who was opposite them complained of the noise.

Akatsuki did some pressure points on Myuu to make her relax and give her a larger bra to fit. Akatsuki lied to the sale assistant that he was the one who broke the bra however Myuu owned up and apologize.

It's Teasing time!

Haruka also came into the room and Akatsuki teased the remaining three girls into submission. Later they were having a meal and Myuu suggested to Akatsuki to join as a team with Izumi and Kuzuha for the upcoming ranking battle.

Queen's Blade Rebellion!?

That night, Myuu thank him for buying a new pyjamas for her and she turn on the telly and it was showing an adult show (Queen's Blade Rebellion) which embarrassed her. Meanwhile, Kaido was speaking to someone in the shadows about Akatsuki...

I confessed! I like Haruka! She is fun to tease and seeing her embarrassed expression turn me on! Akatsuki claimed he used to buy Lingerie for a female guild in the other world showed he can be a Big Pimp or the Big Boss. In other words, I salute you, Akatsuki for being the most awesome male lead for a long time!

Myuu also had her issues as described by Akatsuki. She used to be a princess and apologizing isn't her style. But Akatsuki taught her to be more modest and she felt guilty for making Akatsuki taking the blame over the bra.
Anyway, who is Kaido speaking to and the upcoming ranking battles could be interesting although Akatsuki might overwhelm many people...

P.S: There is no new episode of Nakimo due to the Olympics.

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