Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Quick Picks: Hyouka Ep 16, Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 5

Hyouka Ep 16: Satoshi stalked out at the Global Art club thinking Junmonji will strike there next. Meanwhile, Houtarou's elder sister arrived at their club and she gave him a doujinshi titled-"A Corpse by Evening" which she claimed might "help" him.

Satoshi later heard that Junmonji strike the light music club instead and returned back to the club. After Eru got an offer to go live in a radio show and Mayaka's clothes got wet, they too returned to the club. Mayaka realised the doujinshi is the one she is searching for and Eru saw a similar artwork in the school.

They checked around and found the artwork is done by the School Council President, Kugayama Muneyoshi. Later Houtarou has his own theroy of Junmonji after reading the message written by the creators of the doujinshi. He did not reveal to Eru and Mayaka as they might overreact instead to Satoshi.

He explained the writer is doing a new doujin based on Agatha Christine's work and the word-Kudryavka's Order is similar to two of Agatha's works-And then there were none and The ABC murders. Houtarou asked Satoshi to prepare a bait for Junmonji while Eru embarrassed herself in on the radio show...

So a particular doujin is somehow connected to Junmonji and I believe Houtarou's sister also knew something about it. With half a day left, can Houtarou able to find Junmonji before he strike their club next?

Oda Nobuna no Yabou Ep 5: Nobuna tried to reclaim Mino on Dosan's behalf but were foiled by Takenaka Hanbei, a brilliant strategist. Sagara volunteered to convince Habei to join them as written in the history books. Sagara, Mitsuhide and Maeda went to find Hanbei and were shocked to find Asai there too.

Weakest Familiar ever!

Don't use these innocent eyes on me!

After a test and trying to scare them away, Maeda search the room and found Hanbei to be a little girl and the adult version is her decoy. Hanbei's uncle was arrested by Dosan's son Yoshitatsu and she tried to convince him to release her uncle.

Asai tried to betray Sagara but Goemon rescued Hanbei's uncle but Yoshitatsu took Hanbei hostage. However Hanbei's internal strength summons her familiars who drove Yoshitatsu away and own the castle. But it weaken Hanbei and he choose to save her and leave the castle under Asai's rule.

Later, Hanbei was touched by Sagara's sincerity and she joined him...

Are the men in this shows all lolicons? Yoshitatsu want to make Hanbei his mistress which disgusted me. Goemon's men worshipped her like a goddess. Now Sagara is also in danger of being a lolicon as Hanbei showed affection to him. Hanbei herself is a kind natured who dislike violence but when she get angry, her familiars will tear everything apart which is cool.

Now Nobuna must launch an attack to take Mino Castle from Asai and with Hanbei by their side, things might get interesting...

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