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Hall of Anime Fame is Two Years old! A look back on a year's events!

I can't believe that I am hosting this site for two years already! Yes, we are two years old and it is thanks to you people for coming and supporting me! Up till today we have about 146756 views and 93285 visitors coming back to this site! Now let's look back on some of the things that happened on this site from August 2011 till now!

Oct 2011Fate Zero Episode 1 went on air and man, it was one of the most anticipated shows ever. When Fate Stay Night came out years ago, I was drawn by the story and characters especially the servants who are warriors from different eras and times. The show make me love fantasy all over again and when it is announced a prequel will be make, I immediately jump out my seat! What begins was a journey of how a boy become a man and the hard choices he make. The servants were far more interesting that FSN especially Rider who is my favourite servant in the show. The show was spilt into two seasons and when the final episode ended, it was bittersweet but yet satisfying conclusion to one of the best shows this year.

Ozu, Den-O, Let's Go Kamen Rider Movie: The Forty Anniversary Movie of Kamen Rider and it really went out with a bang! The plot might be a bit confusing (Especially the father and son part) but the action scenes make up for it. The final battle with Shocker Leader and Great Leader Colossus was exciting and silly (Their Bikes form the Number 40!) The First seven riders make an appearance in the Forzue, Ozu and Double Mega Max movie and by then, I was speechless when the first seven riders kick the villains' sorry butts with the new FX effects. Let's hope we can see some more of the legends riders in future crossover movies!

Nov 2011: Gokiager/Goseiger: The Super Sentai 199 Heroes Movie: The Super Sentai Franchise was celebrating their 35th anniversary and the best way to do it is make another crossover movie like their Kamen Rider counterparts. Man, the actions and sentai alumni were better done than Kamen Rider. I am not going say much as you can read my post to find out how I felt about the movie.

Now I am waiting for the Mother of Super Heroes Movie which is Super Heroes Taisen Movie which the Kamen Riders and Super Sentai go all out (Although Someone told me it is pretty close to the All Stars Precure New Stage movie)

The Idolmaster Episode 20: Why this particular episode? This episode change the way how people looked at Idolmaster forever because of one song. That song is Yakusoku or Promise sung by Kisaragi Chihaya. The premise is Chihaya lose her younger brother in an accident and it traumatise her to the point that she couldn't sing anymore. Her friends stood by her and she finally had enough courage to sing and it touched the crowd and the viewers (Including me!) to tears.

After that episode, their popularity soared high and everybody tried to find high and low for this song. Furthermore, Idolmaster is no more regarded as "one of those shows" in the crowd but earned a place in Anime History as a defining moment. I now have this song in my MP3 collection and you too should go and get it!

Janurary 2012Digi News begin and this is where I post all the latest game news from Japan and sometimes America. Mostly the news are about the toku heroes games but I tried to talk about the Project X Zone and the latest Yakuza 5 that is coming later this year. Although some people has been asking me should I start reviewing some Hentai games since several animes were adapted from Hentai games. I might consider but just don't ask me where to find the games.

Feburary 2012: Smile Precure Episode 1-Originally I was only planning to do just the first six episodes because I thought nobody will be interested in a show that is a spiritual successor to Sailormoon. Furthermore, it is catered towards the young female viewers but there is actually a fan base (Thanks! journal) internationally and the people over there are all very nice too. Thanks for your support and let's continue to see through the second half of Smile Precure till next Feburary!

April 2012: It is a sad day for Kamen Rider fans as Araki Shigeru who played Joe Shigeru AKA Kamen Rider Stronger left us. His death came too sudden as he died of pneumonia after battling esophageal cancer. After Yamaguchi Satoru AKA Riderman and Okada Ryoko AKA Tackle, Araki left a legacy which we can only now look at our DVD series and YouTube as Stronger battled Black Satan and Delza Army and stood along with his fellow riders.

Quick Picks: Sometime in one season, there can be a few good shows but the problem is I can't do all the shows that I want to do. Let me explain how I do a review. First, I have to watch the episode. Then I have to take screenshots. After that, I have to start writing on the episode on my blog. Depends on my free time, it can be posted within an hour but if it is bad, it will take the next following day to be post up. Especially if you have two or three shows on the same day, it gets messy real fast. Furthermore, I am doing solo on this blog so it take time for reviews to be post up especially if I have personal commitments outside.

Then I thought of an idea. Instead of writing a full review, I make short reviews of an episode similar to First Impressions and thus Quick Picks was born! It give me more time to do more shows and get the message across. I tried to keep my spoilers to a minimum for Quick Picks and it is more of a quick summary of the episode and how I feel about it. So far, the response is pretty good especially those who are following the Accel World, Dog Days Season 2 and Hyouka series. Thank you so much and hope to see more shows in Quick Picks!

July 2012: Precure All Stars New Stage Movie: We finally got a new All Stars Precure movie! Was it good or was it bad? It was actually a mix bag. You can go and read my review about it as I am not going to rant over here. Let's hope the Smile Precure Movie won't be bad as New Stage although I have to yet to find a good Precure movie other than PC5 movie and the DX3 movie.

Now a quick rundown of my top ten anime shows from April 2011 to March 2012! Some of the shows I started watching once it had ended it's run.

No 10: Maji De Watashi Ni Koi Shinasai: The first episode was over the top action, the middle was comedy and the ending was one of the best friends stand together battle ever!

No 9: Dog Days: From the people who did Nanoha series, the first season is just introducing the characters and with an ongoing season that is filled more cuteness and colors, let's hope for a good season ahead!

No 8: Amagami SS Plus: It might be an "After-Story" for our six female leads but it gave a closure that is both sweet and satisfying.

No 7: High School DxD: With a cast of Hikasa Yoko, Itou Shizuka and Taketatsu Ayana who play hot demon girls, what more can one ask?

No 6: Ikoku Meiro no Croisee: A nice slice of life show showing the sights and sounds of 18th Century France and a young Japanese girl who is lost in translations at first but later became the life of the town.

No 5: Ben-To: Fighting over half price bento and behaving like characters from Street Fighters, it work out an appetite!

No 4: Boku no Tomodachi ga Sukunai: Two wonderful female leads, a cute Gothic sister, a perverted mad scientist are some of the things that is worth watching it over and over again! A second season has already confirmed and I promise that I will review this show once it come out.

No 3: Fate Zero: It is only a prequel but it is one of the best show for 2011/12!

No 2: Tiger and Bunny: Super Hero Action! Two new movies has been confirmed and hopefully more heroic actions as the duo battle more evil doers.

No 1: The Idolmaster: Chihaya's episode stole my heart and it has one of the best ending seen this year!

Finally some recommendation of anime shows from April 2012 till now. Some of them have already completed their run while others are still on-going!

Saint Seiya Omega: I thought it is going to be draggy like the original series but when Mars destroyed the Sanctuary quite early in the series and declared Kouga and his friends as criminals, they abducted the fake Athena, Aria and began on a quest to expose Mars' scheme and to save the world.

Kuroko no Basket: You like Slam Dunk? Then you will like Kuroko no Basket which is both entertaining and exciting. Watch Kuroko, the mysterious sixth man of an ex-school champion team lead a new rookie, Kagami to a world of non-stop Basketball Action!

Hyouka: The Sleeper hit of the year. It looks like a slice of life show at first but in reality, it is a detective mystery story with the members of the Classics club solving mysteries.

Accel World: If you like online gaming with cool super armors and more cooler attacks, you like this show and Haru is one of the nicest male lead despite his appearance.

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka Season 2: With some of the hottest female characters which include a Masou Shoujo, a Necromancer, three Vampire Ninja girls and one undead male lead, all hell break loose!

Zetman: If you ask me, who is the best anime studio in delivering gore and violence, Madhouse did it again with Zetman. From the author of I's and character designer of Tiger and Bunny, Zetman deliver kick ass monster action and dark humor. The show may be over but the battle still goes on for Zetman!

Haiyore! Nyaruko San!: A bundle of laughter and parodies as Nyaruko San who is originated from H.P Lovecraft's Cthulhu mythos protect the boy she love and hoping to get laid by him!

Sakamichi no Apollon: If you're in for a coming to age story of Friendship, Love and Jazz music composed by Yoko Kanno, this show will take your breath away!

Nazo no Kanojo X: Fall in love with one of this year's best heroines, Urabe Mikoto. A girl who used saliva to transmit emotions and whip out a deadly pair of scissors. (Warning: Drooling might be contagious)

Kono Naka ni Hitori, Imouto ga Iru: Also known as Nakimo. A guy's search to find the sister he never knew and hopefully he doesn't bang the wrong girl in the process.

Hagure Yuusha no Estetica: Akatsuki is either the male lead every guy want to be or a complete jerk. But as long he can pull out ladies' underwear in a flash, he is fine in my book!

Sword Art Online: The sister novel to Accel World with a more darker and dealier online game being played. Especially if a player health points drop to zero, he will die in real life!

Dog Days Season 2: Cute animal people with an all star seiyuu cast and an opening and ending song by Mizuki Nana and Horie Yui? What are you waiting for!?

Oda Nobuna no Yabou: Finally a decent Sengoku story that move closely to the original historic source material and a male lead who is competent among the female characters.

Tari Tari: You will cheer for this unlikely group of friends who formed a singing club as they learn about friendship, love and music.

Binbou Gami Ga: Sunrise's answer to a female version of Gintama which is about Sakura Ichiko who has everything but learned what is most important to her. Although she tended to throw everything out of the window every time the Poverty god, Momiji irritated her.

That is all I have to talk about over the past one year. I thank again to everyone who has been supporting me and hope you will continue to support this blog as long as I am hosting it! Thanks again and see you in the next post!

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