Thursday, August 9, 2012

DIGI NEWS: Super Robot Wars Taisen OG2 will be out on 29 Nov 2012 and 2nd PV for Lost Heroes

After one year of delay, Super Robot Wars OG2 for the PS3 will be out this 29th November 2012! We now have not one but two promo videos of the game and it is awesome! Although we have yet to see how the new battle system will be but the graphics and action of our favourite super robots is overwhelming!

The limited edition will also contain the SRW OG: The Inspector entire TV series in 4 Blu-Ray Discs and a whole of goodies in it! Strictly for Hard Core Fans!

Next, we have a second PV for Lost Heroes which is coming out on 3DS and PSP this 6th September 2012.

This time, we are given an idea of the battle system and skills upgrade. Over 300 characters from Ultraman, Kamen Rider and Gundam Series will appeared. You can even perform crossover attacks with different characters to defeat stronger enemies and assist characters who will give the players an advantage!

If you get the 3DS version, it will come with a download code to download the Famicom game-SD Hero Sansuken which is the first Super Heroes crossover game by Banpresto. The PSP version will have down loadable themes and bonus items for the game play.

Can't wait for these two games and my Project X zone for the later half of this year!

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