Saturday, August 18, 2012

Quick Picks: Accel World Ep 19, Nakimo Ep 5

Accel World Ep 19: Hime meet Crikin and his followers and they were interuppted by Sulphur Pot and he is controling a monster, Neezhog. Hime spotted Sulphur has created a back door program and using cheat tools to access the Accel world. Furthermore, he is operating in Tokyo which is impossible by normal means.

Hime tried to take on Sulphur Pot but Neezhog was too strong and took out half of her life points. Crikin transformed to a giant and tried to take down Neezhog but Sulphur Pot used gun power to damage him seriously.

Meanwhile Megumi saw Hime in a trance and somehow subconsciously entered online. She appeared in front of everyone and she teleport them to an ocean stage. Megumi told Hime to fight on as she log out after that.

Hime and the others managed to free Neezhog from Sulphur Pot's controls and he was devoured by Neezhog. After the battle, Crikin thanks Hime for helping them and gave her the Mystical Reins which belonged to Sulphur Pot.

Later, Hime left Okinawa and bid farewell to Ruka and Mana. Megumi has no memories of what happened in the Accel World which Hime decided not to mention it...

I noticed that the Red warriors are more of the long ranged fighters like Crikin used rockets similar to how Scarlet Rain attacked with cannons. Sulphur Pot is like Yellow Radio who used trickery to deceive their enemies.

With Hime knowing that a mysterious faction is cheating their way in the Accel World, she know the battles will be tougher in the future. If only she knew that Haru and Taku are getting their hands full with Nomi and Chiyu being blackmailed by him...

Nakimo Ep 5: Shougo received another call from the mysterious sister and was given a morning call every day. He felt sleepy in class and even had delusions of him and Konoe marrying.

He discussed with Ikusa about a possibility of his "sister" having the same phone as Konoe but was interrupted by the head of the newspaper club, Araya who tried to get an interview with Shougo.

Miyabi went to pick Shougo the next day and later they went to Sagara's maid cafe which she announced it is "Your sister is your wife" day. Shougo found out more of Sagara's past and her secret hiding place in school.

He later discovered Sagara has the same phone as Konoe and suspected she could be his sister. Shougo told Ikusa about it and was later told by the newspaper club that Sagara is selling the cafe and returning to America...

Another problem solved, another problem begins. Now Shougo must discovered if Sagara is his sister. She told about her past that she is adopted and is also a Maths prodigy. However with things happening now, will Shougo find out everything before She leave? (Though I think Sagara is not his sister)

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