Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 14: Lost in Translations

The class were heading to Osaka for their field trip. Nao was excited as she want to try the delicacies of Osaka and Reika want to try Takoyaki for the first time.

When they arrived, Miyuki and the others head to Osaka Castle and began exploring the place. Candy asked Miyuki and Yayoi to do make-up on her and lost sight of the other three girls.

At the same time, Majorina went to the human world after watching a program of a shop selling Natto Gyoza Sweets in Osaka.

Miyuki and Yayoi realised they are lost but a trio of elderly ladies gave them a sweet as a sign of relief. Yayoi deloused that they are adventurers and their "quest" is to find the "princesses" (Which is Akane and the others) The other girls are also trying to find them and deduce that they will go to the next location-Nakanoshima.

This Uedo cost 6.3 Million Yen! (WTF!?)

Miyuki and Yayoi do not know how to get to Nakanoshima but the eldery ladies trio appeared again and treated them to some Kitsune Udon. They told Miyuki that they should travel by boat to Nakanoshima which they do so after that.

Me want food!

So near yet so far...

The elderly ladies meet Akane's group and informed that Miyuki and Yayoi has proceed to the next destination but they failed to listen to take the boat. Instead Akane's group began to run to the location by foot while Miyuki and Yayoi enjoyed the boat trip and got some sweets from another group of elderly ladies.

From left: Mayu, Kiyomi and Hiroko

Akane's group met their classmates who told them Miyuki and Yayoi has went to the town centre. After having some okonomayaki, Miyuki saw the Takoyaki store but decided to meet the others before having Takoyaki. They met the trio of elderly ladies again and informed Akane is looking for them. They offered to lead them to the next location and gave them some Natto Gyoza sweets before leaving. Miyuki and Yayoi decied to detour and went to the Tsuutenkaku instead.

Oh gosh! It's Natto in a wrapper!!

Majorina finally arrived at the store however the sweets were sold out which angered her. She began to suck the Bad End Energy out of everyone. She saw Miyuki and Yayoi in the Tsuutenkaku and turn it into an Akanbe. However it felt uncomfortable and spit out the Natto Gyoza sweets out from his mouth. (The sweets fell into a hole from Yayoi's pocket.)

Miyuki and the others saw what is going on and transformed. However Cure Happy and Peace are struck in it's body and the other cures think of how to get the Akanbe to spit them out.

The three cures used their special attacks against the Akanbe but to no avail. Candy immediately asked Cure Happy to send the Butterfly Decor to Cure Sunny's group. The three cures immediately spourt butterfly wings which enable flight.

They quickly make the Akanbe tired by having it chasing them. Cure March threw a Natto Gyoza sweet into it's mouth and it spit out Cure Happy and Peace from the mouth. Finally they used Rainbow Healing to defeat Akanbe and Majorina retreated.

The girls finally met and had some Takoyaki and soon the rest of the class joined them which concluded their trip in Osaka...

So last week was Miyuki's bad day and this week was Akane, Nao and Reika going on a wild goose chase to find Miyuki and Yayoi all over Osaka. I feel sorry for Nao who was hungry throughout the journey and she went totally gaga after eating some Takoyaki. The elderly ladies trio were surprisingly helpful to Miyuki and Yayoi-treating to food and giving them directions. If it wasn't the Natto Gyoza sweets they gave to them, the Akanbe will never spit them out which leads to how the series has been so far.

I am thinking the villains are not motivated but rather they are having petty problems like looking for food or searching another of Majorina's inventions. If they really want to go all out, they just simply find a city with the highest concentration of people and just suck all their energy to revive their Master. However if they do that, the series will end prematurely and it will be game over for our heroes.

The fight with the Akanbe was all right. Rather than using brute force, they just make the Akanbe tired and throw a Natto Gyoza to spit out the two cures. Since the Butterfly Decor is able to assist the Cures in an offensive manner, that means the rest of the decor does too instead of just creating an umbrella or simple make-up. But should't the girls realise that using their special attack on a blue nose Akanbe is a waste of energy after three episodes already?

Miyuki's mom look like Tsubomi in ten years time!

Next week, we are having a Mother's Day episode which it is now a traditional to have one such episode in Precure Series. The focus will be on Miyuki (Again!?) and her idea for a gift to her mother. Until then, see you next week!

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  1. The girls are kind of slow on the uptake - but it's all good fun. Keep up the awesome work.