Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quick Picks: Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 5, Saki Side A Ep 4 and 5, Hyouka Ep 1-3

Mysterious Girlfriend X Ep 5: Tsubaki suggested to Urabe that they should to the beach during the summer holidays. After pushing it several times, she agreed and on the day itself, he found her all tanned up.

You like Fair Skinned Urabe?

Or Sexy-Tan Urabe?

She explained that she went to her relatives house and swam at the beach. They began to enjoy themselves through Tsubaki wondered why is she wearing a towel around her wrist. She replied the scissors she carried along left an untanned mark on her body and it look embarrassing. She blushly showed it to Tsubaki who had a nose bleed immediately.

Other than that, this episode is pretty straight forward and their relationship is not going anywhere. Though the next episode, Tsubaki want to develop further and I guess it has got something to do with Tsubaki's first crush kept in his wallet...

Saki Side A Ep 4 and 5: To keep a long story short, Shizuno's team got through the first round with ease but in the first match of the second round, they faced Senriyama's Toki and she completely destroyed Kuro as she has the abilities to "predict" the next tile but strain her physically. Yu consoled Kuro as she take on Senriyama's Izumi in the next match...

Look like the heat is on with Achiga being last on the table, can Yu take back points from Senriyama who is currently on top and furthermore, what is Yu's special abilities?

Hyouka Ep 1-3: I didn't really take note of this show until I find out that it is now the best Spring Anime show for this season. So I watch it and surprisingly, it is pretty good! We have a male lead (Thank god, after all the female leads shows) Oreki Houtarou who is pretty lazy and do not like to move around, claiming doing any activities will drain his energy. But when his elder sister from overseas begged him to join the Classics Club as it is in the brink of abolish, he relucantely accepted but was surprised to see a girl, Chitanda Eru in the club.

What is wrong with this Room?

However a mystery unfolded as how did Eru get in when Houtarou has the room key and the room was locked from outside? Houtarou used his uncanny thinking and solve the mystery which intriguted Eru and his best friends, Satoshi and Ibara.

Elementary, my dear Ibara!

Now with three more mysterious being solved during the course of 3 episodes, Houtarou has to help Eru solve the biggest mystery ever-the case of the missing anthology book from 45 years ago and the reason of her outcry with her uncle when she was young.

It's Phil Brain without the psychopaths! If you find the character design familiar, it is done by Kyoto Animation who also did K-ON. I was expecting another slice of life show when I first heard about it. But hey! It is actually a mystery story with every episode finding a new puzzle to solve. It is a bit like Enid Blyton's the Famous Five or Secret Seven where the group solve intriguing mysteries which can be solve with the right thinking and common sense. Recommended for fans of mystery and puzzle solving!

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  1. Cool stuff here. I kind of fell out of anime a while ago but I think I will check out your page more.