Monday, April 23, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 12: The Awaken Power! Rainbow Healing!

Candy overheard the girls were excited going to Osaka for a school field trip. However Miyuki told Candy that she can't go and was asked to stay behind.

I think those balls came out from his head gear...

Meanwhile, Joker gave the three generals the new blue balls which are more powerful than the regular red balls. He claimed that the Precures' attacks will be useless against the new Akanbe as it does not contain the corrupted cure decors.

Back in class, Reika asked the class what programs they should have at Osaka. Eveyone gave many ideas and the discussion went out of control. Candy quickly shouted to everyone to behave but it led the class thinking that Reika was the one who shouted at them.

Even during group discussions, Candy couldn't stop herself in discussion which led the rest of the class suspicious of Miyuki's group.

After school, the girls went to the Mysterious forest to get the field trip booklet done however Candy accidentally ruined it and she ran away. Reika caught up with her and she thank Candy for getting the class in order earlier. However Candy was upset that she couldn't do anything right and all she want is to be part of the group.

Candy ran off again and met up with Wolfrun who showed her the blue ball. After telling her the power of the blue ball, Wolfrun trapped Candy in a cage and left her hanging on an antenna.

Wolfrun appeared in front of the girls in a provision shop and he sucked all the Bad End energy out of the kids nearby. The girls transformed and Wolfrun created an Akanbe from a capsule toys machine. The girls pushed the Akanbe off balance and Cure Happy used Happy Shower on it.

However it didn't work and Wolfrun claimed that the blue ball does not contain the corrupted cure decors. Sunny, Peace and March used their attacks together but didn't work. Suddenly the Akanbe fired large capsules and trapped all four cures expect Cure Beauty.

Cure Beauty defended herself and used Beauty Blizzard to immobilise the Akanbe. Candy managed to broke free and arrived. The girls asked Candy for advice but she does not know what to do.

Wolfrun insulted Candy for being useless however Beauty and the rest defended her as she is also an important ally. They managed to break free from the capsules and Candy suddenly released a new power to the girls. They place the new decors on their Smile Pacts and they were upgraded with Rainbow Healing Decors and defeated the Akanbe quickly.

After Wolfrun retreated and Joker make a remark about the Miracle Jewels, the girls make up with Candy and she was allowed to go with them to Osaka...

Basically, it is about Candy who tried to help around but underestimated herself. I know they are trying to do a similar relationship like Karen and Milk which to be honest, it hasn't reach there yet as there is only one scene which Reika and Candy are interacting and it was only the last moment, she defended Candy but nothing special yet. (Maybe in future episodes.)

The other girls took her for granted especially when they were caught. But thanks to Reika who is always the logic one, she was the first to defend Candy and they got a new item-The Rainbow Healing Decors was kinda of disappointing for a first appearance. They just transform and combine their power to defeat the Akanbe without a fight. (It's like I got the power and destroy the enemy in less than five seconds without any brawl or confrontation or what Nostalgia Critic will say-A cocktease!)

Hopefully, we get a proper usage of the Rainbow Healing Decors in future episodes. With Joker mentioning about the Miracle Jewels which I suspect that Candy is the key to everything and furthermore, there is no new decors this week and ten more turns before Pierrot's revival.

Nao with her hair down...turn me on! (Can I sleep with you tonight?)

Candy in a kimono!?

Next week, the girls finally arrived at Osaka however Miyuki has bad luck everywhere she goes and even lost her Smile Pact! How else could things get any worse?!


  1. @kragito but before they got the rainbow healing power they was fight with hands in this episode so there was a fight before the one final attack.why you said there was not a fight?

    1. I was expecting them to use their new powers to it's full potiental like how they spolit us with their fancy flying and glowing suits in those spoliers. But no, they combine their powers and bang! The Akanbe is dead without any real resistance. I want the girls to be shown as bad ass once they get their power but no, they go to straight to their final attack.

      My only guess-they have less than five minutes to end the show so they have to make a fast one...

  2. Nao with her hair down looks like a lady! =D