Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Impressions-Shining Hearts Ep 1, Sakamachi no Apollo Ep 1, Sengoku Collection Ep 2, Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka S2 Ep 2

I like the centre girl with her boobs!

Shining Hearts Ep 1: Based on the PSP Sega game and with Character designs by Tony Taka, what can go wrong? Well, first the pacing is slow. Showing our male lead Rick together with his three female companions-Neris, Amil and Airy working in a bakery on a island. Along the way, they met a cat human-Xiaomu and a elf spirit, Sylph and Shining fan favourite-Rana. However a change in the red moon predict that a strange omen will happened to the Island very soon...

You know if you take away the title name, the show might end up being an Hentai title due to the sexy look on the female characters and Rick is lucky to have three girls who is willing to tag along with him. I play the game before but it was boring after a while. I rather prefer Sega doing an adaptation of Shining Blade which is a indirect sequel to this one and with a better cast and a series of "battle songs" that are awesome! Oh yeah, the ending song which is about bread making by the three girls is cute!

Sakamichi no Apollo Ep 1: The year is 1966, Japan and Kaoru has just transferred to a new school in Kyushu. However he get nauseous whenever he stressed up. He met a delinquent named Sentarou and they began an unusual friendship due to the love of music particularly Jazz.

If you love the music of Cowboy Bebop composed by the genius Yoko Kanno, you are glad to hear that the music in this show is pretty awesome. Sentarou loved the drum while Kaoru played the piano and together with some friends, they began a gig in the basement of a record store and opened Kaoru's heart who has always felt loneliness due to his father overseas and mother divorced. Interesting show and those who love the good old fashioned style of Jazz should watch this.

Sengoku Collection Ep 2: Tokugawa Ieyasu ended in Modern Japan and was inspired to be an idol after seeing an idol named Rosary performing. After many tries from a idol company, she finally become a celebrity and overtake Rosary's popularity. However Rosary was jealous and mocked her that she will be replaced sooner or later. Nobunaga arrived and wanted to take her sacred treasure which she willing gave up as Ieyasu love this world and strive to be an top idol.

Nothing much to say expect that it is Hanazawa Kana doing what she do best. The cute, sweet girl with innocent dreams and resilient.

Hentai is Japanese Quality!

Kore wa Zombie Desu Ka S2 Ep 2: Ayumu became an overnight sensation after the battle in school. Videos of him went viral and the school became fans of him. Yuki invited him to see star gazing in the mountains and the rest of the gang followed also. They met a swarm of bees and a bear along the way but in the end, Ayumu decided to face his schoolmates. Later, Sara confessed her love to him while Orito distanced away from him. Meanwhile Dai Sensei interrogated Kyoko in an abandoned building...

Sara has make her move!

Hentai is World!

This week's Daydream Eu is Omi Minami and Inoue Kikuko

Ayumu got more than he bargained for after becoming an overnight sensation. Sara is totally obsessed with him and even make a blog about his ass to go viral. But what is Dai Sensei after from Kyoko-the first main enemy from the first series?

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