Monday, April 9, 2012

First Impressions: Saint Seiya Omega Ep 2, Nazo no Kanojo X Ep 1, Saki Side A Ep 1, Upotte Ep 1, Kuroko no Basket Ep 1

Saint Seiya Omega Ep 2: Kouga tried to take on Mars but was defeated by a mere finger from Mars. He abducted Athena and injured both Kouga and Shana. Later Kouga decided to head for the New Training Sanctuary where they trained Saints. Along the way, he met Souma of Lionet and they battle one of Mars henchman called Martians (Really?)

I know a lot of people are commenting it to be a male version of Precure and the artwork is horrible. I will watch it on my own but most probably won't review it further unless something really big happened.

With a bit of hairstyling, Mikoto will look much better.

Nazo no Kanojo X Ep 1: Akira found the newly transfer student Urabe Mikoto a very strange girl. She sleep in class during breaks and burst out in laughter all of a sudden. One day, Akira woke her up and after she left, he saw her drool on the desk. He tasted it and soon got really sick. Mikoto came to his house and cure him by giving her saliva to him.

She claimed that he is infatuated with him and it become a daily ritual for him sucking her saliva which he finally confessed his love for her. She agreed to be his boyfriend and even hinted that he will be the man to break her virginity...

I didn't know you can get a girlfriend by tasting a girl's saliva? Anywhere, I guess Akira has hit first base but without knowing little about Mikoto, will this relationship last? Furthermore, what is that dream with them dancing in a crack version of Alice in Wonderland?

Nodoka-Teased about her breasts since young.

Saki Side A Ep 1: Which should be called Nodoka: The Evolution of Cups. Nodoka met two elementary girls, Shizuno and Ako in Achiga town and they became friends through mahjong. Through the years, they encountered enjoyment and separation as the mahjong club was finally disbanded in Achiga High School. Nodoka move on to become the mahjong champion of the middle school category which inspired Shizuno and Ako to revive the club again.

Though it is interesting to see Nodoka and several characters from the original series appearing but the focus is Shizuno who to be frank, isn't a good mahjong player like the most of the top characters here. Now her dream is to enter the nationals and hopefully to meet Nodoka again for one more game. Like the original, most likely the real climax will begin when they start entering the competition. Other than that, it is mostly slice of life like the original.

Oh yeah, how did Nodoka grew from a C-Cup to F-Cup within six years?

Upotte Ep 1: Funko or her nickname FNC goes to a middle school that trained students to be experts in assault rifles. The newly posted teacher Genkoku didn't knew about it and make a remark of Funko wearing a thong which landed him in the hospital. Funko and her friends tried to visit Genkoku however another remark by him anger Funko and it extend Genkoku's stay in the hospital.

Funko's Elder Sister and her friends are hot!

I read the manga and it is pretty funny, The character design make the girls much better looking and I find Funko's elder sister and her peers very sexy! (Yummy!) However there are a lot of technical terms which might confused viewers so unless your firearms knowledge is as good as a military personal, just stick with the fan-service.

Taiga's Body status-Excellent!

Kuroko's Body Status-Fail!!

Kuroko no Basket Ep 1: Years ago, Teiko Middle School produced five prodigies in their basketball team which labeled the Generation of Miracles. However there was a rumor of a sixth player who is the Phantom of Teiko. At Seirin High School, two different freshmen joined the basketball team. Taiga who is the perfect basketball player and Kuroko who is a total amateur however he is able to hide his presence and assist his team mates in winning the practice game.

The source of Taiga's power-Hamburgers!

For those who don't know, Kuroko is the name for the people in black outfits helping behind backstage in a theater. Examples will be from Sakura Taisen, Shinkenger and Samurai Spirits. The last time I had fun watching a show like this was Slam Dunk. Kuroko is a more subtle Rukawa without any skills while Taiga is a more arrogant Sakuragi with all the skills.

Both comprehend each other and Kuroko is really the invisible man which freak out his teammates and even the female student coach. As I could tell, this show is much better than Area no Kishi premier episode which make me want to go and read the manga now!


  1. @kragito actully you wrong by how achiga hen story will go the climax wont be in the netionals like the original saki it will end very diffrent

  2. @kragito it will end in one of the matches there

  3. @kragito you wont regret to watch it until the end since it will cover also the netionals from episode 4