Sunday, April 8, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 10-The Secret to a Good Okonomayki is...

Akane's father injured his back and is hospitalised. He was worried about their Okonomayki store which Akane volunteered to take over the store on his behalf.

Meanwhile, Wolfrun was hungry and decided to go to the Human world for some Okonomayki after reading a  food magazine. Akane told the others about handling the store and explained on Sunday, a famous gourmet critic who is a regular customer will drop by their store. The girls decided to try Akane's Okonomayki and see if it is up to standards.

Akane cooked some Okonomayki for the girls and they like it. Akane's younger brother Genki returned home and she introduced him to them. Genki tasted her Okonomayki and claimed it doesn't have the same taste as their father cooked it. He claimed that their father has a secret formula in making it delicious.

I am cooking a pudding on a hot plate!

The manager is pretty calm seeing a humanoid wolf talking to her.

She agreed and the girls helped her find the perfect taste. However after several tries, they couldn't get the right taste. Later Wolfrun was unable to find any food because of his appearance and was starving. Akane asked her father again however he refused to tell her anything which annoyed her further.

The eyecatch is different this week and it is Akanbe!

Furthermore, they have to set up a stall in the town centre in three days time and Akane was still unable to find the correct taste. Her mother asked if she remembered cooking an Okonomayki (which was charred) when she was sick. But Akane claimed it was a failure. Her mother told her that her father always give his best when cooking Okonomayki and remind her about it.

Akane's family set up the store with Miyuki and Yayoi helping out. Akane, Nao and Reika were finishing the Okonomayki and were sending it over when Wolfrun saw what was going on. He sucked the Bad End energy from everyone in the town centre which the girls quickly transformed.

Wolfrun created an Akanbe from a pot and brush and it shoot out sauce which harded on impact. It caught Cure Sunny while Cure March protect Cure Happy and Peace with a large Parasol. Wolfrun saw the Okonomayki and started eating it.

The Akanbe became bigger due to Wolfrun having more energy and trapped Cure March, Happy and Peace to a wall. Wolfrun ate all the Okonomayki and claimed that it taste bad which upset Cure Sunny. Cure Happy argued that Cure Sunny make it with all her heart and give her very best to cook it. Cure Sunny then realised what was the secret formula and quickly asked Cure Beauty to fire Beauty Blizzard on her.

I am all fired up!!!!

This should be called Sunny Upper!

Cure Beauty fire Beauty Blizzard on her as she charge her body with fire which extinguished the hard ed sauce. Cure Sunny immediately dash forward and uppercut the Akanbe with all her might to the sky. She then finished the Akanbe with Sunny Fire and it turned into a new decor.

After Wolfrun retreated, everything went back to normal. Akane cooked the Okonomayki for the Gourmet Critic who enjoyed it very much. Her father came back from the hospital and she proudly announced she know the secret of his Okonomayki. She teased her father saying she will keep it a secret while the girls laughed about it...

So there was no secret formula but it was just good old hard work that got Akane to make a good Okonomayki. We also get to see Akane's family and it was kind of hard for me to hear them speaking in Osaka dialect through out. Anyway her mother is voiced by Yukino Satsuki who did Hibiki's mother from Suite Precure (That makes Akane and Hibiki related?) Genki is voiced by Shiraishi Ryoko who can do a very good Osaka accent.

Oddly enough the battle with the Akanbe was a bit different. Usually the heroine of the episode will not get caught in some traps but Cure Sunny was caught in the sauce together with Happy, Peace and March. It was also Cure Sunny's ingenious to ask Cure Beauty to fire her attack on her which extinguished the sauce. At least, they don't have to rely on Happy every time and by the way, she and Peace were useless in this story. Cure March had to protect them with a Parasol, thank to her quick thinking.

Overall, this episode was all right for me with one point that I like to mention-Akane is definitely better looking than Rin. (No offense to any Rin fans!)

There is a bug on you, Nao!

Next week, the girls got shrunk which is a tribute to the Rick Moranis movie-Honey, I shrunk the kids. Even the place that the girls are is a backyard filled with all sort of insects and Nao has a fear of bugs?!


  1. >there was no secret formula but it was just good old hard work that got Akane to make a good Okonomayki.

    The secret recipe is love, cooking is love. That's they are trying to say.

    >Wolfrun ate all the Okonomayki and claimed that it taste bad which upset Cure Sunny. Cure Happy argued that Cure Sunny make it with all her heart and give her very best to cook it.

    Wolfrun said it is delicious. He upset Sunny by saying all the food is just used to satisfy one's appetite. "You eat it and it goes into your stomach, that's it". That is what Wolfrun said. SmPC claims the chef (Akane's) feeling to the food.

    >Akane is definitely better looking than Rin.
    I only agree before Akane transform.

  2. >Akane is definitely better looking than Rin.

    Civilian form, of course, sunny has one of the beset civil forms, imo.

    As for cure form, OBJECTION!