Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Brave 10 Ep 9-Back to Nine

As long it is an animal, Sasuke loves it!
Sasuke welcome back Yukimaru and the others as they approached the castle. Yukimaru asked where is Ana and was informed she is on patrol duty.

That night, Ana returned to her room and Isanami told her of their adventures at the capital. Meanwhile, Saizo asked Yukimaru the reason of him assembling the ten warriors. He showed Saizo a picture of a Yin-Yang symbol with eight circles around it.

He explained if anyone will to have control of the ten elements of nature, he can rule the world. Everyone he gathered has an element related to the symbol. Miyoshi is Earth, Kakei is Metal, Benmaru is Fire, Yuki is Wind, Jinpachi is Lighting, Sasuke is Grass, Ana is Ice, Rokuro is Water, Saizo is Light and Isanami is Darkness.

Saizo couldn't believe that Isanami is Darkness but Yukimaru explained the details were recorded in the cave at Izumo temple. All the records are stored in Rokuro's magic eye as a precaution.

Suddenly Ana ambushed Rokuro in his sleep and was determined to gouge his magic eye out. However Rokuro blinded himself with Ana's knife rending it useless. Sasuke rushed into the room and confronted Ana.

They began to fought outside and Yukimaru discovered Rokuro was poisoned. Sasuke held back and was caught by Ana's jutsu. Saizo and Isanami could not believe what has happened. Ana refused to reply any questions and stabbed Sasuke before escaping.

Yukimaru managed to save Rokuro's life and Saizo went after Ana. He managed to pin her down and demanded why she is doing this. Her reply was she was hired as by another master as a spy. She quickly pull a large jutsu and make her escape.

Saizo reported back to Yukimaru of Ana's escape when Jinpachi who was out of town returned and joined the discussion. Yukimaru explained that Isanami was left at the entrance of Izumo temple as a infant. Her crying actually caused a Miko to disappear and the head priest realised her power has the ability to open another gateway-The Underworld. If left unchecked, Isanami might release her power if she become too emotional or distressed.

Isanami was upset by Ana's actions and Miyoshi and Benmaru tried to cheer her up. She put up a front and went to look for Saizo for comfort. She overheard the conversation and was shocked by it...

So Isanami is like a vessel to contain her power and her power varfies from her emotions. Ana's action could have indicate that either Tokugawa or Date hired her as a spy for Yukimaru. So the braves are back to nine but with the truth revealed, what will Saizo do now? Protect Isanami or kill her to save the world?

No time to think as next episode, Hattori Hanzo is back with a new white outfit!

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