Sunday, March 25, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 8-Ears of Fury!

While walking to school, Miyuki and Candy found a pair of rings that fell from the sky. They both wore one ring each which cause them to switch bodies with each other.

This Morning Show Host is supposely based on a real person!

Meanwhile, Majorina was searching for the rings that she created and it was Aka Oni who accidentally drop it to the real world (By a sneeze!) Majorina immediately went to the real world after that.

I can bend my ears?!

The girls who found out Miyuki and Candy has swapped bodies were amazed by it and they even tried the new ring decor on them but nothing happened.

Yayoi is so cute!

Run! Candy! Run! (In the spirit of Forrest Gump) 

Soon classes started and Candy in Miyuki's body started making a joke of herself which irritated Miyuki. She messed up every lessons during school and the other girls had a hard time trying to cover up for her.

After school, Candy showed Miyuki her make up test which she totally flunked it. Miyuki couldn't take it anymore and reprimanded her. Candy was so upset that she ran away and the girls started searching for her.

Don't call me Obasan!

After Majorina went to a police post to file a missing item report (Which is silly!), she saw Candy with the ring and went after her. After a search, Miyuki realised Candy has been working hard to help them and she has no time to enjoy or be herself on Earth. The girls continued to find her while Candy is playing with some kids in the park.

Four of a Kind!

After the sun set, Majorina appeared in front of Candy and demanded for the rings. Majorina also sucked the Bad End energy from the people in the park. Candy tried to transform but unable to which Majorina deduced she has swapped bodies. The other girls arrived and immediately transformed.

Majorina created an Akanbe from a kiddie ride and the cures were having a hard time battling due to it's size and speed. The Akanbe finally caught the four cures with it's springs coils and were immobilized.

Miyuki finally arrived and Candy want to protect her from Majorina. Majorina showed off a potion bottle which is the only thing that can remove the rings. However Miyuki decided to protect her instead which the Smile Pact acknowledge her.

I think Bandai will make a Cure Happy costume for Candy.

Hundred Crack Ears!!!

She quickly transform to Cure Happy (Special Candy Version!) and using her long ears, she was able to overcome the Akanbe. Cure Sunny also managed to knock off Majorina and the bottle was caught by Candy.

You're being killed by the power of Cuteness!!!!

Cure Happy finally defeated the Akanbe with Happy Shower and Majorina retreated. Candy used the potion on the rings and they returned to their bodies. After Miyuki apologize to Candy for being inconsiderate, they finally make up...

For an episode about swapping bodies, it was pretty fun! Especially when Candy screwed up every lessons in class and the face expressions of the others (I love Yayoi's face!) was hilarious. Using Candy's ears (which I always thought it was her hair) to overcome the Akanbe was ingenious! The scene with Majorina and the police officer was funny as the officer keep calling her "Obasan" and she get pissed off it, claiming she is still young! Overall, a funny episode and Miyuki transform to Cure Happy in Candy's body was awesomely cute!

Marina and Peach are so cute!

Hi, Blossom, Moonlight and Sunshine. It has been two years already...

The Max Heart Team look Bad Ass!

If Superman can stop a train then Precures can stop a moving ship!

Of course, we have more scenes from the New Stage movie, with the Fresh team meeting up with Heartcatch team and the Max Heart Trio battled a ship?

Next week, it's April 1st and we have an April Fool episode! Yayoi told the others she is transferring school!? Is this the end of Smile Precure!? Of course not, it's April Fool, you fool! See you next week!


  1. @kragito thank you for the reviews until now you do a great job

  2. Candy transformed into cure happy remind me when Buki and Tart change bodies and was a part when Tart transformed into cure Pine

  3. Cure Candy is so cute!!!!