Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Ep 9-Miu's Secret Date

Sora and Miu rushed to the train station to catch the next train to school. During the journey, Miu's shoes got dirtied by a man accidentally stepping on her.

Finally they arrived at school after one and a half hour train ride. Miu behaved like her usual self but felt tired during class and become less picky over food during lunch.

Miu tried to finish her homework at school and some of her classmates commented her current family status. Finally after school, she called Sora to tell her she will be coming home late. Nimura saw her and she suggested to go on a date with him.

Nimura agreed and brought her to a Sea World exhibition and treated her to a meal. After some shopping around, Nimura noticed Miu's shoes were dirtied and she is looking at the shoes display in a shop. He asked her if she want a new pair of shoes however the one she choose was too expensive. (It's a pair of glass slippers)

Nimura finally brought her to a shoe repair shop and got her shoes all clean up. They then went to the top of a building to see the city scenery. Miu finally confessed that her peers at school think she is too mature for her age and was concerned about it. Nimura told her to be herself and not think too much about it.

Miu thank him for the advice and she parted way with him. She finally came back and thank Sora for allowing her to hang out late. Yuuta asked what was the secret and the two sisters kept mum about it....

Ok, Miu's secret date with Nimura was all right. Knowing Nimura, he won't take advantage of her unlike Sako who probably eat her alive. However Nimura being a ladies' man was pretty cool in taking care of Miu.

Miu also become conscious of herself. I guess before their parents' mishap, her character is picky and a bit self-centred. However she told Nimura that even since staying with Yuuta, she learn to be more responsible which is a good thing for her.

Anyway, next episode is about Sora and when is Raika coming back?

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