Monday, February 27, 2012

Smile Precure Ep 4-Swift as the Wind, Cure March!

Miyuki tried the new decor which is a comb for Candy but lost track of time and quickly rushed to school. During recess, Miyuki, Akane and Yayoi were having their meal when two seniors told them to leave the shed claiming this is their regular spot.

Finally, a male character after 4 episodes!

Don't worry, Reika. You get to shine next week! (She has no lines this week.)

However Nao came in and told them the shed is everyone and shouldn't be claimed as one's own. Even the head of school council, Irie also agreed with her. The seniors left and Miyuki decided to ask Nao to be the fourth Precure.

Is Ozora Tsubasa your master?

The girls watch Nao having a soccer practice match and were amazed by her skills. Miyuki want to ask her the question but were overwhelmed by Nao's supporters. Nao has went home which left Miyuki disappointed.

Catching Candy..FAIL!

The next day, Miyuki decided to find Nao's home but got lost along the way. Nao came across her and she invited Miyuki to her house. There, Nao introduced her five siblings to her and she played with them. Candy was treated like a ball by Nao's siblings and decided to call Akane and Yayoi for help.

Team Midorkawa vs...

Team Baka Trio (Just for the amusement!)

Later, Akane and Yayoi joined the rest for a game of soccer however Aka Oni appeared and suck the Bad Energy from Nao and her siblings. The girls transformed to Precures which Aka Oni transformed a goal post into an Akanbe.

Triple Henshin!

Finally you hit something and it is Balls!

The Akanbe tried to attack Nao and her siblings with soccer balls which Cure Happy managed to destroy it with Happy Shower. However Cure Happy was caught by Akanbe's net and the others were powerless to stop it.

Aka Oni laughed as Bonds between friends and families are useless which Nao, being awakened argue back. She used a soccer ball to free Miyuki and tried to protect her siblings. Suddenly a ray of light surrounded Nao and she was given a Smile Pact.

Priceless expression!

Nao transformed to Cure March and try out her new powers. She can run very fast and accidentally crash into a wall without a scratch. Cure March was able to take on the Akanbe with ease. Candy told her to concentrate her spirit into her pact which activated her special attack-March Shoot and defeated the Akanbe.

Aka Oni retreated and a new butterfly decor was recovered from the Akanbe. Afterwards, Nao agreed to join Miyuki and the others as the new member of the team as Miyuki got hit by a soccer ball from Nao's siblings.

First, I like to apologise for waiting as two things cropped up. One is to get a decent raw to watch it and second was I was up all night playing Binary Domain for the PS3 which by the way is really good.

How about this episode? It's Inoue Marina doing what she do best. The tough and kind girl who is an idol to her female peers and love taking care of her family. (Future Housewife material, Yummy!) Like most cliches, Nao played the eldest of a large family and the responsibility of taking care of her siblings is rested on her shoulder. Why her parents have so many kids is really a question to ponder.

Cure March's transformation was fine expect the hairdo. Why the Green Cures has the worst hairdo? Cure Mint looks like a bad haircut while March has too much hair which they don't know how to tie up properly. March Shoot is a soccer kick with wind energy like Cure Rouge's Fire Strike which is typical for her character.

So finally the last Cure, Reika as Cure Beauty will join them and you can see in the preview, she won't have a two parter like Karen/Cure Aqua and the next general, the witch from Snow White (The red apple is a giveaway.) make her move.

I know that many of you have come by to my blog and read about Smile Precure which I am very grateful to all of you. The previous episode along has more than 1000 views in one day and it is my highest views for a day so far. For that I thank you!

Now you (the viewers!) decide if you want me to review Smile Precure on a regular basics. As I say before in my first post, I am not the expert on Precures. The reason I like it is because it is a female Sentai team and I am a big fan of Toku. Furthermore Precure has become a franchise that I love it despite people saying it to be a Sailormoon rip-off or it is for young girls. I think age shouldn't be a factor when watching such shows. Of course, the most important is to have a balance between fiction and reality.

If I am doing the review every week, nothing is going change based on my style of review. If I spot something trival or funny, I will point it out. But don't expect me to go over-analyse every details as it is still a kid's show and not some complex anime like Fate Zero or Madoka Magical.

I will be setting a poll for it and hope to hear your outcome before the deadline on Saturday. Until then, see you next week!


  1. @kragito yes please continue do a reviwes on the regular episodes as well it fine for me if there is not much details your reviews are great

  2. Cure March is fine to me, I like her personality as well. Air is one of my favourite elements, and it suits Yao well. Looking forward to your next review!

  3. >The reason I like it is because it is a female Sentai team and I am a big fan of Toku.

    Just a question, are you new in precure livejournal? If not, I believe you may write PC5 review at that time (since you said you like female Sentai...)...

    and Madoka Magical is not very complex simply can say as- suspense (SF?) drama with the collection of magical girl theory.

    for Cure Mint hairdo, at least we know how this kind of hair is formed..They just make her hair popup...her hair is not very nice, but viewable..but March...I don't like her tails at both side...her action is cool, but her hair lose marks..however, she looks good in the toy keychain (perhap it is because the side tails are thinner than anime)

  4. No, I didn't do the PC5 Reviews at all. The first Precure review I did was the DX3 Movie. Suite Precure was already half way through the season and I was tied down with other shows.

    Smile Precure was interesting due to it's characters unlike Suite Precure which despite having a smaller and better cast was less appealing until the Cure Beat and Muse Arc.

    If Cure March's hair is an extension of her ponytail hair like Cure Aqua, it will have more appeal to me and yes, I am a sucker for ponytail girls.