Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Brave 10-The Ten Assembled!

Tokugawa was furious at Yukimura's humiliation on him. Date volunteered to catch him dead or alive and sortie with his men. Meanwhile, Saizo and company were on the run from Tokugawa's men which they cleared off easily with the help of Benmaru who also joined them.

Yukimura ordered Saizo and Yuki to scout ahead while the rest took a break. The pair found all the routes were blocked thanks to Date's ninjas. They reported to Yukimura and the only option is the beach nearby.

However Date has caught up with them and they fought their way to the beach. Date's ninjas ambushed them and Saizo took them on. The ninjas were no match for Saizo but the beach is surrounded by Date and Tokugawa's men.

Suddenly a ship appeared near shore and fire at the soldiers. Saizo realised it was Kakei helping them and they flee onto the ship.

As they sailed towards Ueda, Kakei introduced the captain of the ship, Nezu Jinpachi to them. Jinpachi is a pirate and he was promised by Kakei that he want a hot blond woman from him. Yukimura thank him for saving them. Jinpachi mistaken Yuki as a woman and took Isanami as a kid.

This angered Myoshi and tried to attack him. But Jinpachi shocked him with his electric gloves and Myoshi was knocked out cold. Jinpachi told them he will let them stay on board if they drink all the wine barrels on the ship.

Yukimura agreed and everyone were having a merry time. Saizo asked Kakei where did he went to and he explained that he heard Jinpachi have good firearms and went to find him. Jinpachi promised to give him if he drank all the wine (again!) and stay on board for free labor. In return, Kakei promised him a hot blond woman if they reach Ueda.

That night, Yukimaru and Jinpachi had a talk and Jinpachi loved his freedom in the sea. However Yukimaru managed to convince him that to join him which he finally agreed.

The next day, Jinpachi left ashore with his pet panther and Yukimaru and the others walked back to Ueda castle with all the ten braves assembled...

This episode has mixed feelings. First, the first half was excited when Saizo and company beating the crap out of Tokugawa's men and Saizo asked himself if being more human is better than being just a cold hearted killer.

Then it became a drinking session for everyone. (I am glad that this is not One Piece even though Jinpachi is voiced by the same seiyu who did Zoro) Which leave Yukimaru convicing Jinpachi to join him and everyone walked back to Ueda.

Anyway, the assemble was short-lived as seen in the next preview. Ana took against them and Saizo had to battle her. (Why, Ana?!)

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