Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai Ep 7-Cute is Ultimate!

Yuuta's aunt came to visit him while the girls were at the laundry store cleaning their clothes. His aunt was surprised that they managed to survive well so far however she warned him that things could get tough once school started for Sora and Miu.

Yeah! Raika! Moan More!

After finishing another night shift, Yuuta saw Raika in a Miko costume and all tied up. He approached her but fell into a pit set up by Sako and Nimura. Sako demanded to see his nieces which Yuuta finally gave in after Raika's pleas.

My Angel Miu!

The girls welcome Nimura and Raika however Sora give the cold shoulder to Raika. Instead Raika was attracted to Sora while Sako introduce himself to Miu and Hina. He commented Sora as a 14 year old "grandma" which Raika beat him silly.

Soon dinner was served by Nimura and Raika offered to feed Yuuta. Sora bulge in however Hina feed Yuuta instead. Sako want to be served by Hina and Raika beat him up again.

Yuuta walk Raika back home and she like the changes in Yuuta's life. She want him to drop by the club as she is a bit lonely without him. He then asked if she like to teach him cooking and she agreed.

The next day, Hina and Miu were playing with Kurumi and the landlady, Sachiko observed them from her home. After finishing another shift, Yuuta received a message from Raika asking when can she drop by his place.

Raika's expression is priceless!

Raika came by and teach Yuuta cooking. Sora was jealous but later joined them. After a while, Yuuta went to work and the two girls began to cook in the kitchen. Sora asked her what is Yuuta like in collage. Raika replied that he is an interesting subject to observe. Suddenly Sora dropped the floor and everyone got dirty.

The two girls took a shower together and Raika finally make Sora laugh after making a "Stare" sound. The other girls joined them afterwards.

Yuuta went to buy two train pass holders for Sora and Miu and later at home, he want them to start schooling again. The two girls want to stay and take care of Hina and even Yuuta want to sacrifice his studies for them.

Sachiko came to the house and informed Yuuta that he broke the due agreement due to the fact the girls is staying with him in the one room apartment. She gave them one month to evict the place...

Like what I said before, Raika and Sako brought sparks into the girl's lives. Sako's reactions were hilarious and Raika finally smile when she saw Sora the first time calling her the cutest thing ever! I was expecting Sora will hate her but it resolved quickly in the shower. Of course, she has to ask Raika of the secret to her huge breasts and she replied "All Natural!"

The last scene was quite a shocker as Sachiko demanded Yuuta to evict the place and she is not being wrong for doing that. To be frank, there are rules and regulations regarding of renting the room which I agree that Yuuta already broke the rules in allowing them the girls to stay. Although I do agree that her approach was too direct and insensitive.

Anyway, the next episode, the family go house-hunting and with Sako, Raika and Nimura tagging along, you can be sure antics will follow by quickly!

P.S: Oh yeah, Sako's comments of Sora as a 14 year "Grandma" is really come as a surprise for me!

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