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Smile Precure Ep 3-Thunder of Courage, Cure Peace!

Cute Girl at work!

Miyuki tried the new flower tact and it materialize a bouquet of roses which give off a nice scent. She and Akane saw Yayoi drawing a comic sketch and praise her. Yayoi was embarrassed and left the rooftop.

Meanwhile Wolfrun was furious with his last defeat and the next general, Aka Oni went off to gather more Bad End Energy on Earth.

The head of the Art club looks crazy!

At class, Reika announced that the school is having an inter class art poster competition and asked for volunteers to represent their class. Miyuki and Akane nominate Yayoi and she reluctantly accepted it. After school, Yayoi explained she is not good enough as she introduce them to the better artists in the school like the head of the Art club or the Shoujo Manga artist.

However Miyuki and Akane gave her encouragement and she took the challenge. The next day, Miyuki posed for Yayoi's drawing and Candy accidentally spoke to her. Yayoi mistaken her as a doll and Akane's nice timing came when she brought her home make Okonomayaki for everyone.

Jerks! Don't worry, Yayoi. I get Cure Fire to deal with these creeps!

Soon, Yayoi's poster was completed and she sent it to the contest. The next day, they discovered her poster was awarded only a consolation prize. The head of the art club who won the contest add more insult to Yayoi and she ran off with her poster.

Yayoi cried in a corner when Aka Oni appeared and used his power to suck the Bad End Energy from everyone including Yayoi. Miyuki and Akane appeared which Aka Oni create an Akanbe from Yayoi's poster.

Dual Henshin!

Not enough charge up time?!

The two girls transformed and battle the Akanbe. Both of them used their special power but fail short as they didn't charge enough power. (It's ridiculous, I think!) Yayoi broke free from the spell and recognize Cure Happy as Miyuki from her voice.

The Akanbe want to attack Yayoi and the two Cures defended her. However they are not strong enough which Yayoi went in front of the Akanbe. She want to protect her friends who have given her  courage and won't forgive anyone who hurt them.

Suddenly a Smile Pact appeared in front of Yayoi and Candy instructed her to transform. Yayoi transformed to Cure Peace and stood up against the Akanbe. However it was too scary for her and she retreated.

Akanbe! It's Judgement Time!

Great Mazinger's Thunder Break is reborn to Cure Peace!

The Akanbe was gaining on her and Cure Peace immediately let out a scream which release a lighting bolt from the sky and damage the Akanbe. Candy instructed to concentrate and she used her special attack-Peace Thunder! It defeated the Akanbe and a new tact appeared.

Aka Oni retreated and everything went back to normal. Yayoi was happy that she became a real super heroine and thank the other two. Yayoi then asked if she could call Miyuki by her first name which she agreed...

Yayoi could be a competitor with Tsubomi for being the worst crybaby in the Precure history. But I guess it is due to her being an introvert. Her art work is definitely the better one compare to that head of the Art club whose art piece is really creepy. Guess the judges are color blind in not seeing the better picture.

Aka Oni's first appearance was all right for a villain. I thought he will be a joke character but he is a big bully calling Yayoi a crybaby and even throw her poster like trash. But when Yayoi transform to Cure Peace, it was cute doing her Peace Sign and saying Ja-Ken-Po although if you talk about cuteness among the yellow cures, Muse take the cake but Peace is a close second!

Her special attack-Peace Thunder was pretty awesome and her pose to concentrate remind me of Judgement time from Dekaranger. Her attack is a tribute to Great Mazinger's Thunder Break which also used two fingers to fire lighting bolts.

The Akanbe look like a Soccer Goal Post

Feel my Wind of Fury! Cure March!

Next week, my favourite Seiyu Inoue Marina as Nao join the team as she become the Precure of the Wind-Cure March!

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